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Jose Paredes
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July 18, 2021

Our list of the top construction, real estate, infrastructure and built environment events in 2021.


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Our Report Of DMG Events' Nigerian Oil & Gas Conference 2021 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Our Report Of Transport Events’ Black Sea Ports & Shipping Conference In Istanbul, Turkey.

In this Geoeconomics Podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic talks with Kurtis Lockhart from the Charter Cities Institute about how cities work, what governance must do to adapt, and how the next 15 years will look like in the governance and human cohabitation spaces.

A list of the top transport and logistics events of 2021.

Why do startup cities do what they do? What motivations drive the founders? Why have these ideas gained so much traction in recent years?

In this Geoeconomics Podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic talks with Dr. Klaus Solberg Söilen about books, the state of global trade, and the future of economic science.

En este episodio del Podcast, Michelle Bernier conversa con Luis Gallotti, el Co-Fundador y Co-CEO Amek Group, sobre los retos y oportunidades del turismo en el presente y en un futuro mundo post-pandemia.

In this Geoeconomics Podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic talks with Amine Khalladi, the co-founder of Hashing Farms, operating out of Kish Free Zone in Iran.

Adrianople Group Director of Research Thibault Serlet explains how SEZs saved China from the great famine of the 1950s. This talk was given virtually at Carnegie Mellon University’s Kigali’s virtual job fair on April 30 2021.

In this episode of the Geoeconomics Podcast we speak with Leslie Conn from The Space Foundation.

In this Geoeconomics Podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic talks with Michael Bruno from Aviation Week Network.

In this Geoeconomics Podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic talks with Jonathan Nutzati from Mothership Aeronautics.

In this podcast episode, Aleksa Burmazovic speaks with Mark Beer and Dr. Andreas Baumgartner from the Metis Institute.

In this episode of the Geoeconomics Podcast, Guillermo Hernandez discusses with Charlie Kirkconnell, CEO of the Cayman Enterprise City about the history of the CEC; the challenges that they are currently facing, and the future of the zone.

Colombia is home to 120 different SEZs. These zones play a key role in the industrial development strategy and economy of Colombia. For this reason, exploring the world of Colombian SEZ financing opens a window into the rest of the Colombian economy.

More than 15K participants from over 170 countries, including 70+ high-level dignitaries from across the globe, the second day of AIM Dıgital witnessed a wide range of major events, from the Conference, Exhibition, Investment Roundtables, and Regional Focus sessions to Conglomerate Presentations and Startups competitions; all geared towards providing opportunities to achieve a digital, sustainable & resilient future.

This Thursday from 4-6pm EDT (New York Time), AG will host a 2 hour afternoon session on Realigning Incentives for People and Businesses to Protect the Amazon.

From October 20 Until October 22 2020 The Adrianople Group Will Be Attending The UAE Annual Investment Meeting

In this episode of the Geoeconomics Podcasts Aleksa Burmazovic speaks with Rajesh Kumar about the future of India's SEZs.

While filming a documentary about humpback whale migration in Brazil, I came to realize how informal communities hold the key to sustainable economic development. To build better communities, we have to harness the power and pioneering spirit of informal communities. If you build it, they will come, and build as well.

Adrianople Group estará hospedando el evento virtual “El Panorama del Desarrollo Latinoamericano” el próximo viernes 2 de Octubre, a las 11 AM EST / 10 AM Hora de Bogotá. Estaremos explorando las dinámicas cambiantes del crecimiento en la región latinoamericana.

The Adrianople Group will be hosting The Latin American Development Landscape Conference on Friday, October 2nd, at 11 am EDT. We will explore the changing growth dynamics in Latin America.

The conversation lasted for nearly 3 hours and explored the past, present, and future of African charter cities attracted more than 60 attendees from 15 countries.

Geoeconomics Podcast EP10: The future of SEZs in the Iberoamerican Region

The Adrianople Group will be holding the virtual conference: “History and Future of African charter cities” With special guests: Heba Elhanafy & Iyinoluwa “E” Aboyeji. Friday - August 14 | 5:00 PM GMT +2 - 11:00 AM EST

Countries across Africa are using SEZs to recover from the economic damage caused by COVID-19.

On this podcast, Aleksa Burmazović interviews Ainsley Brown, he is the regulatory, trade and monitoring director at JSEZA, Jamaica's special economic zone authority. Aleksa and Ainsley spoke about how a zone has commodity advantages and unique advantages - and how to identify them.

A list of the best and most comprehensive online resources, handbooks, and guides for charter cities

Estimating the number of SEZs in existence worldwide is a nearly impossible task due to the diversity of definitions and poor data. Despite that, several organizations have attempted to make global maps counting the total number of SEZs in existence.

Adrianople Group's visit to Rwanda showed us why the small African nation is being hailed as the "Singapore of Africa".

Peter Santenello discusses his trips to so-called “dangerous” countries and reminds us all that the people living in those places are just as human as us.

We will be speaking at the upcoming Startup Societies virtual conference! Come join us to talk to investors and entrepreneurs in the economic zone industry from around the world

Former CIA officer and Vice Chairman of Jefferson Waterman International Sam Wyman discusses the geopolitical risks that businesses face in the modern world.

Our Report Of Hyve Events’ BreakBulk Shipping Summit in Dubai, the UAE.

A list of the top mining conferences and events in 2020.

What we saw at the 2nd International Shipping Law Forum in Athens, Greece

Fort Galt is a new real estate development that intends to begin with its first location in Chile before replicating itself worldwide.

A list of the top port and maritime conferences in 2020

Many news media outlets have recently covered plans to create "supercharged freeports" in the UK. But what exactly is a "supercharged freeport" and what does it mean for businesses in the UK?

‍iStrategic is a political risk analysis and consulting firm providing specialized guidance on Middle East and North Africa affairs to the private sector.

GRID91 is an India-based risk consulting startup, helping businesses in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka manage complex risks through a line of bespoke solutions.

As a result of the Brexit, the UK is now legally allowed to create Special Economic Zones. Some in the UK have suggested created freeports to mitigate the impact of the hard Brexit.

Daniel T. Griswold talks about US China trade wars, Brexit, and the case for free trade.

Former US Ambassador to Mali and Madagascar Vicki Huddleston talks about security issues in the Sahel, how the situation has changed since 1998, and hope for Mali.

The top offshore finance and investment immigration conferences in late 2019 and early 2020

Erik Autor talks about Foreign Trade Zones, political lobbies, trade wars, and customs

A summary of the key forces driving Brazilian port privatization.

Learn about the top drone conferences in Q3 and Q4 2019, as well as in Q1 2020

Our report of the AICE 2019 conference that we attended in Barcelona, Spain

The Netherlands seeks longterm co-operation with Brazilian entities to “stimulate prosperity” in the port sector

Adrianople Group's summary of the 2019 Sydney FDI Forum

A list of the top hybrid warfare / counterinsurgency conferences in 2019 and 2020

The top anti money laundering, anti fraud, and anti-financial crime conferences of late 2019

A recap of the top business intelligence conferences in 2019 and 2020.

Top Customs, Migration, and Border Security Conferences in 2019 and 2020. A comprehensive list of key industry conferences in 2019 and 2020.

A comprehensive list of the world's top port conferences in the second half of 2019.

The Phnom Penh SEZ is a successful mostly Japanese SEZ in Cambodia. It has recently attracted a lot of business, most notably a $100 million Coca Cola bottling plant.

Kigali Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) is located about 10km east of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city, near Kigali International Airport. The zone has a number of geographic advantages, including access to the Central Transport Corridor. Occupying a total of 276 hectares, the zone has access to roads, water, electricity, fiber-optic internet and sewage systems.

The 7 most common mistakes made by people who run special economic zones

The 10 most important things to remember when building a Special Economic Zone

The border between Kazakhstan and China is one the most inhospitable places on Earth. Summer temperatures in the Saryesik-Atrau desert barely pass 10 degrees centigrade, while temperatures in January can be expected to plummet below -20. In this post we explore how such a barren landscape became one of the key focal points of China’s westward economic push, via Khorgos.

We visited the COAF smartcenter in Lori province, Armenia, where hundreds of children are receiving a quality education.

How China's One Belt One Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will affect Pakistan and the broader geopolitical situation.

Many great summits and conferences will be taking place in 2019, and these represent a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into the Special Economic Zone industry.