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Mapping the World's Special Economic Zones
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About the Open Zone Map

Project Overview

Open Zone Map is the world’s first comprehensive attempt at mapping every single Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

This map was created to improve public understanding of SEZs. Our goal is to inspire other researchers studying SEZs to create their own data sets, sparking a knowledge revolution.

All data used in the map is available, for free, to all researchers. To access the data, please email 

Project History

After the Adrianople Group research team noticed that existing SEZ data was inadequate, they began mapping out the global SEZ ecosystem. Mapping efforts started in September of 2019, and the final map was launched on October 25 2021. The team consisted of 40 researchers and developers. The entire mapping project was funded entirely by the Adrianople Group.

Zone Types:

We divided our map into SEZ zone types, loosely based on the World Bank’s 2008 SEZ types and UNCTAD’s 2018 SEZ types.

Specialized Economic Zone : A zone with deep incentives that focuses on a single industry

Diversified Zone : A zone with deep incentives that focuses on a wide variety of industries

Free Trade Zone : A large zone with shallow incentives that focuses on the import and export of goods

Export Processing Zone : A small zone which exclusively has customs and duties incentives

Economic Revitalization Project : A zone that exists to improve the economy of a distressed area, usually through tax incentives

Charter City : A large zone with deep incentives, both a commercial and residential district, and its own school

Foreign Trade Zone : A type of Free Trade Zone which exclusively exists in the US / Canada

Other Zone : Zones that do not fall neatly into any of the above categories

Management Type:

This describes the management of the operating company which manages the SEZ; not the management of the zone itself.

Private : The management company which operates the zone is entirely privately owned

Public-Private Partnership : The management company which operates the zone is a public-private partnership

Public : The management company which operates the zone is entirely government owned

Activity Status:

The activity status of the zone, according to its own materials.

Active : The zone was active and had tenants as of January 1 2021

Inactive : The zone was active between 2010 and 2020, but it currently is inactive

Under Development : The zone plans on becoming active, but isn’t yet fully active as of January 1 2021


Thibault Serlet - Director of Research

Katarina Serlet - Head of Product

Herzon Flores - Chief Technical Officer

Aleksa Burmazovic - Assistant Director of Research

Ryan Dixon - Director of Data Entry

Fergal Hourigan - Data Science Director

Ivette Cano - Assistant Head of Product

Deborah Avila - UI / UX Design

Caleb Sousa - Frontend Development

Niza Gonzalez - Launch Team Leader

Sam Lombardo - Research

Kaj Jez - Research

Guillermo Hernandez - Research

Cesar Baez - Research

Michelle Bernier - Research 

Robert Whitesell - Research

Moritz Bierling - Research  

Dusan Bojkovic - Research 

David Djurovic - Research  

Arthur Tymkiv - Research  

Andriy Yavorskyi  - Research

Mika Miyazaki  - Research

Jingyi Zhao - Research

Xitong Yu  - Research

Shengrao Wu - Research

Siqi Ren - Research

Yu Tao - Research

Xinru Yan - Research

Quentin Pagtakhan - Research

Ugo Stornaiolo Silva - Research

Brady Christianson - Research

Maria Saavedra - Logistics

Nour Boukhary - Design

Sizo Hlope - Design

Preston Martin - Strategy and Leadership

Kai Niedermair - Strategy and Leadership

Francisco Litvay - Strategy and Leadership

Special Thanks:

Patri Friedman

Bradford Cross

Dr. Mark Lutter

Kurtis Lockhart

Alexander Kreindler

Dr. Michael Castle Miller

Alonso Cubillas

Beatriz Costa

Hericles de Melo

James Forster

James Morgan

Joaquín Obes

José Paredes

Joyce Brand

Kovid Bhaduri

Lhexi Valeriano

Nivida Arias

Maria Amare

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