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Mapping the World's Special Economic Zones
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How to use the Open Zone Map

Open Zone Map is the world’s first comprehensive attempt at mapping every single Special Economic Zone (SEZ). There are many different ways to use this map and analyze its results.

Main Console Functions


Our Show tab will allow you to turn on or off various visual features:

  • Capitals: Check to show the location of national capitals on the map
  • Port: Check to show all major ports in the world
  • Airports: Check to show all major airports in the world
  • Size by Hectare: Check to make the size of the dots displayed correspond to our data for their size in hectares 

Color Legend

Our data can be visualized by 3 different color criteria: 

  • Status
  • Management Type
  • Zone Type

If you select any of these options, it will color all of the zones in accordance with the color key that will appear at the top of the map.


We have classified all of the zones in 8 different categories which are: 

  • Specialized Economic Zone - A zone with deep incentives that focuses on a single industry
  • Diversified Zone - A zone with deep incentives that focuses on a wide variety of industries
  • Free Trade Zone - A large zone with shallow incentives that focuses on the import and export of goods
  • Export Processing Zone - A small zone that exclusively has customs and duties incentives
  • Economic Revitalization Project - A zone that exists to improve the economy of a distressed area, usually through tax incentives
  • Charter City - A large zone with deep incentives, both a commercial and residential district, and its own school
  • Foreign Trade Zone - A type of Free Trade Zone that exclusively exists in the US / Canada
  • Other Zone - Zones that do not fall neatly into any of the above categories
Selecting any or many of these categories will allow you to filter the results and have only the selected zone type show up on the map.

Advanced Search

Our Advanced Search allows you to look for more specific zone types and categories with six different search options. 


You can search among our 12 world regions. 

Zone Type  

Just like the filters on the main page, you can search among the seven zone types we have. 

Zone Specialization  

There are 15 different specializations you can filter and choose from, like “Energy” or “Agriculture.” These specializations are for zones focused on a single industry, not multi-industry zones.

Management Type

  • Private : The management company which operates the zone is entirely privately owned
  • Public-Private Partnership : The management company which operates the zone is a public-private partnership
  • Public : The management company which operates the zone is entirely government-owned

Distance To  

You can select a preferred distance to the nearest Port, Airport, Capital, or Most Populous city and it will yield the results with the zones 

Activity Status  

  • Active : The zone was active and had tenants as of January 1, 2021
  • Inactive : The zone was active between 2010 and 2020, but it currently is inactive
  • Under Development : The zone plans on becoming active but isn’t yet fully active as of January 1, 2021

All the criteria you select will appear as “Active Tags” on the far right column. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you can go ahead and click “Search” and it will take you right to the map with the results of your selection. 

Search Bar

You can use the search bar at the top to locate any specific Special Economic Zone you have in mind. Our search system also works for narrowing down the results for only one country if you type in a country name. 

Keep in mind that it will show the results of other zones outside that country if their name or management company is linked to that zone. 

You can search for a wide variety of criteria in the search bar including:

  • Country
  • Zone Name
  • Management Company

Other ways to visualize our Data: