Join Us At The 8th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw- TransLogistica

From November 3 to November 5 2021, The Adrianople Group Will Be Attending The 8th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw- TransLogistica, Poland.
October 11, 2021
October 11, 2021

From November 3 to November 5 2021, the Adrianople Group will be attending the 8th International Transport & Logistics Exhibition in Warsaw - TransLogistica.

The TransLogistica is a conference focused on connecting global business in the transportation and logistics market with  Eastern Europe.

Join us in the conference to meet us and discuss SEZs, logistics, and transportation.

About the Conference:

This event is the biggest CEE business event for everyone professionally associated with transport, freight forwarding, and logistics, as well as for all producers and distributors who use or seek transport and logistics services.

Also, it will most probably be the only traditional T&L business meeting in 2021 in Poland. It’s expected to have more than a thousand visitors and more than 100 exhibitors.

Poland is being considered a “Green Island” on Covid infections. This means it has one of the lowest Covid-19 case reports in Europe, making it a safe country to be attending live events.

The event will be having companies operating in integrated logistics services, 3PL, 4PL, 5PL, warehousing, freight forwarding, road, rail, maritime and air transport, intermodal, multimodal transport, Seaports, container terminals, airports, freight exchange platforms, cargo markets, telematics, IT systems, transport management, drivers’ time monitoring, fuels and related services, and others.

The conference is taking place at EXPO XXI Warsaw, Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street, Warsaw, Poland.

To register or to learn more about TransLogistica, visit

AG is an official partner of the TransLogistica Conference