Katarina Serlet
Chief Advisor

Katarina (Kat) Serlet is a Senior Advisor at AG. Kat is a public relations and marketing specialist with a focus on corporate branding, UX and web development, content automation, and data driven design. She built her early career focusing on the digital domain, offering services related to social media, search engine optimization and overall brand awareness improvement in online spaces. Katarina is also a Partner and co-founder of Pronomos Capital, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm focused on investing in advanced SEZs and innovative projects in the Free Zones Industry.

Her research has been recognized by The World Free Zones Organization and various competitive governance think tanks.

Kat also founded the brand development and marketing firm, Atlantic Pacific Strategies through which she helps clients establish their voice by building beautiful brands and creating captivating content.

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More than 15K participants from over 170 countries, including 70+ high-level dignitaries from across the globe, the second day of AIM Dıgital witnessed a wide range of major events, from the Conference, Exhibition, Investment Roundtables, and Regional Focus sessions to Conglomerate Presentations and Startups competitions; all geared towards providing opportunities to achieve a digital, sustainable & resilient future.

From October 20 Until October 22 2020 The Adrianople Group Will Be Attending The UAE Annual Investment Meeting