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Business Intelligence

Adrianople Group is the only business intelligence firm specializing in economic zones. We can provide industry specific and precise data to fit your needs.

Helping you make informed investment decisions

Our team uses cutting edge techniques and tools to create due diligence reports that go far deeper than those of less specialized companies

An analysis of geopolitical trends as they develop

As the geopolitical environment grows increasingly uncertain, our team provides a rigorous account of the geopolitical factors which affect our client’s business.

We are there when others are not...

Our team can conduct on site investigations to uncover problems and discover opportunities

Detailed maps of supply chain infrastructure

We can create customized maps for your business using OSINT data

We can help your lawyers win and prevent lawsuits

By providing catered investigative services, we can help you win and avoid lawsuits

Comprehensive reviews of industry-wide operator and investor sentiment.

Surveys of SEZ operators and investors which lend more perspective to market trends.

Technology Advisory Services

Adrianople Group is the only firm specializing in the types of technologies used in SEZs. We understand the industry better than generic technology firms, and provide the personalized structured support you need to succeed.

We will provide assistance in drone blimp rentals

Drone blimps can stay in the air significantly longer than standard drones, and have a wide range of applications

Cybersecurity Auditing

Assessment of key vulnerabilities in digital infrastructure

Securing your data

Having information assurance means controlling who has access to your data and knowing if the data is genuine.

Crisis Response and Management

We can help prepare for, prevent, and respond to crisis whether they are natural or man made

Campus Scale Internet

We can help set up your campus-scale internet, and optimize it for security, speed, and cost effectiveness

Specific IT services for your zone

We specialize in providing IT and R&D solutions for Special Economic Zones

Advertising, Events, Marketing, and Public Relations

Adrianople Group has already played a key role in creating the world’s largest and most tenacious SEZ marketing network. We will be instrumental in designing and refining your zone and/or services’ brand to become foremost in the industry.

Marketing strategies specifically crafted for SEZs

We can provide highly catered marketing services targeted to Special Economic Zones

We can organize conferences and events for you around the world

We have already organized America’s largest SEZ conferences, and can do the same for you