We provide several services to assist in litigation prevention, while assisting your lawyers ultimate success if and when litigation would be initiated.

Our firm carries out legal research in the United States and European Union. In addition to conducting our own research, we are primed to assist your legal teams. Our own co-founder Josue Guerra, comes with years of experience as a lawyer, in addition we are partnered with SEZ legal theorist Dr. Tom Bell from Chapman University. Our intellectual partnerships include several academic think tanks at European and American universities, experienced and qualified to carry out abstract and/or specific legal research.

Our litigation prevention services rely on research as well as conduction of anonymized audits. Our auditors operationally familiarize themselves with your specific company standards, and research potential legal risks. They then will inspect the facilities, search for weaknesses and liability loopholes while ensuring the highest company standards are being met. If necessary, we will implement further anonymous audits, which may include surreptitious secret shopper programs where our experts pose as potential clients.

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