Through our partner, Mothership Aeronautics, we provide drone blimp rentals as a premium service.

The standard drone we utilize would be a Mothership Aeronautics Scout Drone. It is a 7 meter helium drone blimp powered by two 400 W solar panels. This enables it to stay in the air for extended durations of up to twelve hours without refueling. The Scout Drones have a maximum speed of 20 kts, and a maximum payload weight of 5 kgs.

These drones have a wide range of applications that standard drones do not have due to their ability to stay in the air for extended periods of time because of their use of power equipment through solar panels.

Example uses include:

  • Oil pipeline inspection
  • Crowd control during sporting events
  • Prospect minerals
  • Carry out land surveys
  • Security and perimeter surveillance

You will find our drone blimps are significantly cheaper than standard drones, which must land and be recharged every 20 to 40 minutes. Standard drones are more cost effective for certain applications, such as filming events, and be reassured we provide those as well.

We are happy to provide larger and more specialized drone blimps upon request.

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