One of the most efficient and productive manners with which to promote and educate potential partners and the global populace about your SEZ and services, is via public Conferences and Events.  We are both masters and experts in large scale organization of conferences to promote your economic zone. Our team of specialists have previously organized the two largest SEZ conferences in the United States in conjunction with the Startup Societies Foundation.

Our host of services and abilities includes, organization of  conferences within your zone to attract businesses and investors. Adrianople Group’s long term partnerships with numerous SEZ-related academic organizations enables us to gain the interest of a large body of academics, investors, and entrepreneurs.  This service includes creation of extensive online marketing campaigns to promote and grow your event.

In addition to organizing large zone conferences, we have an established network of venues and partners throughout major cities in  Europe, Asia, and the United States. Our extensive relationships and partnerships allow for the arrangement of regular business meetups across the globe. In our experience, small conferences in major business cities are a useful way to generate a permanent, long-term supply of business leads and contacts. To meet and develop younger audiences, we also organize university chapters internationally, both to assist these meetups and advocate for the zone.

Thibault Serlet speaking in San Francisco during the Special Economic Zones Panel with Tom W Bell, Mark Lutter, Michael Castle Miller, and Park Muelle Zone Manager
Foremost zone policy experts taking part in a panel at one of our previous events

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