What works for other industries doesn’t work in the SEZ industry.

Most due diligence reports fail to take into account numerous key factors which will have an impact on Special Economic Zones. They fail to take political pressure groups, intentional misreporting, local crime, and data inaccuracy into account. There are far too many reports which are completely accurate, yet still unusable to make investment decisions.

Identifying potential risks: Our reports include full investigations of the target zone/company’s business history, structure, legal/regulatory framework, key players, as well as the various political, economic, and social factors affecting the business ecosystem.

Our information goes far beyond the information contained within typical due diligence reports. We use high tech OSINT tools, data mining, key personnel interviews, media analysis, and financial investigations to provide deeper layers of context. These reports encapsulate large quantities of historical, economic, and political data in order to cover every angle of the target’s business.

What is the true cost of bad data?  

Estimates run as high as 25% of a company’s revenue.  

Don’t put your trust in companies that do the bare minimum.

Put your trust in a specialized company that will do the homework.

Put your trust in the Adrianople Group.

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