What we saw at the 2nd International Shipping Law Forum in Greece

What we saw at the 2nd International Shipping Law Forum in Athens, Greece
February 15, 2020
February 15, 2020

On February 7th of 2020, an Adrianople Group Representative was present for Palladian Events’ 2nd International Shipping Law Forum in Athens, Greece. The event focused on the reduction of litigation risks in the overseas shipping industry, primarily through best practices that ensure no malfeasance or negligence takes place aboard and on land.

Speakers included members of the Hellenic Shipping Chamber’s executive board, national leaders in the shipping space and many others who provided insightful commentary on the nature of not just shipping law, but also where the industry at large is moving.

‍The key parts of the conference were made up of panelists who presented the latest in international regulatory requirements for sustainability, as well as how those mesh with fiduciary and security responsibility inside their companies. Particularly interesting was a workshop near the tail-end of the conference which provided attendees with a grip on crisis communication during maritime accidents. 

The industry representatives were experienced in work on several continents, however the strongest regional presence at the conference was Greek, followed by the UK. This is particularly interesting to Adrianople Group because of the possible connection with the UK Ports space.


Despite many questions about trade wars and the tightening of international lanes looming, the focus on the event remained primarily on matters of adapting to new technologies and seeking out new business opportunities in the current shipping environment. The regulatory changes facing this sector affect maritime SEZs greatly, and AG will continue to monitor the developments in this space.


In closing, this event was an excellent opportunity to not only learn more about the legal functioning of the maritime industry, but also to build relationships and networks to last this coming decade of uncertainty and competition. AG will likely attend further Palladian-organized events to maintain our knowledge edge in the maritime sector.