Top Port and Maritime Conferences 2020

A list of the top port and maritime conferences in 2020
January 31, 2020
January 31, 2020

Hellenic & Norwegian American Chambers of Commerce Annual Joint Shipping Conference

February 4 2020

New York City, New York, USA

Established over two decades ago, but with an agenda that looks toward the future, this annual event focuses primarily on the global maritime industry, presenting panels and speakers discussing current issues in the industry. This year, in theme with the turn of the decade, the focus is on adapting and innovating in a time of rapid change and development.

Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology

February 5 - 6 2020

Rome, Italy

SMI’s 5th Annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology Conference is one of the leading platforms in the domain, dealing with the issues of managing and implementing ISR capabilities - both traditionally by way of idea exchange and education, and technologically. 2020’s event will focus on space-based ISR, unmanned platforms, and many other cutting-edge topics.

Middle East Bunkering Convention 2020

February 5 - 6 2020

Dubai, UAE

Specialized in dealing with topics of not only marine fuels sector, but the wider shipping industry, the Middle East Bunkering Convention returns for its fifth year with a two-part event in Dubai. While the first part concerns itself with training and education, the second one is one of the most valuable networking and presentation platforms in the season.

AAPA - Smart Ports

February 5 - 6 2020

San Pedro, California, USA

The American Association of Port Authorities hosts this special two-day conference, focusing on how smart and integrated technology is transforming the business of ports – from simplifying processes and analysis, to processing data and the role AI may have to play in an industry not obviously open to technological improvement.

World Shipping Law Forum: Current Issues in Shipping Law

February 7 2020

Athens, Greece

Designed to help generate insight into international shipping law, the World Shipping Law Forum’s second outing aims to gather experts in the field to help address the new issues in shipping law and how those issues could be approached. The agenda is divided into four panels, focusing respectively on current issues, sustainability, shipowner issues and shipping finance.

3rd African Ports Environment & Sustainability Conference

February 12 - 14 2020

Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo

Returning for the third year, now in Pointe Noire, and gathering professionals from areas ranging from port authorities to environmental protection agencies to terminal operators, this conference has the fostering of deliberation on the environmental and sustainability challenges facing African port as a stated goal.

European Shipping Week

February 17 - 21 2020

Brussels, Belgium

Organized for the third time after two successful outings, the European Shipping Week features an array of presentations with high-profile keynote speakers from the industry and European institutions, focusing primarily on the unique situations, challenges and issues in the domain of European shipping.

6th Port Planning & Development Asia Summit 2020

February 18 - 21 2020


This 6th annual Port Planning & Development Asia Summit offers exposure to the latest insight and case studies on port planning and development from global operators and authorities. Key talking points will be overcoming lags in productivity, dealing with capacity issues and smart designs that cater to future trends and port traffic, as well as ways of incorporating automation and advanced technology.

Smart Maritime Network Rotterdam Conference

February 19 2020

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Featuring over 700 participants scattered across four core events, the SMN conference aims to change the narrative of interoperability, standards and harmonization in the maritime industry. This year’s event will give special focus to sharing data and fostering exchange between all the strategic elements of the supply chain – from shipping ports to logistics companies.

Smart Ports Summit

February 19 - 20 2020

London, UK

A specialized event that takes a deep and extensive dive into the workings and possible issues of smart ports, the Smart Ports Summit features two days of extensive presentations, case studies and examples of cutting-edge technology used for port optimization, with applications ranging from data transfer to synching arrivals and departures to the minute.

11th Annual Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum

February 20 2020

Athens, Greece

With the aptly-titled ‘The Roaring Twenties’ agenda, the 11th outing of the Greek/Cypriot shared event promises to deal with relevant topics, from the new frontiers of decarbonization and technology to more traditional economic developments such as the changes in the east-Asian markets of China and Japan. This isn’t all, however, as even broader topics such as the finance-shipping connection and capital markets will be addressed as well.

GreenTech in Shipping Global Forum

February 25 - 26 2020

Hamburg, Germany

Looking forward at the turn of the decade, the Greentech in Shipping Global Forum aims to discuss and expand knowledge on contemporary shipping topics such as new ecological regulations, emission reduction, vessel optimization and future fuels. It also features presentations by over 50 experts from across Europe.

Breakbulk Middle East

February 25 - 26 2020

Dubai, UAE

The Middle East conference, which is the Breakbulk brand’s fastest growing event, plans to gather over 1700 companies hailing form over 70 countries, as a representative sample of the full industrial supply chain. Due to traditionally strong gatekeeping systems, the event aims to be one of the few ways to make direct professional contact with decision makers and representatives from the area.

ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2020

February 25 - 27 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia

The biggest and longest standing shipping, port, and transport logistics platform for the economic ASEAN region, the two-day event will be hosted for the 18th time this year. Traditionally, it will gather around 400 senior government officials, industry decision makers, academics, harbor masters and supervisors, all in a space with over 50 presenters and potential sponsors.

TPM Global

March 1 - 4 2020

Long Beach, California, USA

Established two decades ago, the TPM conference is one of the largest events dealing with the topic of trans-Pacific and global container shipping. As always, it will feature the latest analyses, expert opinions, over two thousand attendees and the opportunity to partake in Q&A sessions with speakers of known authority in the transport and logistics fields.

Ship Recycling Forum

March 3 - 4 2020

London, UK

With attendees ranging from cash buyers to technical consultants and environmental pressure group representatives, the platform offers a broad and extensive look at the domain of ship, offshore and rig vessel recycling. This year’s updates will focus on global regulation development, capacity issues and solutions in ship recycling as a single unified industry.

Ports 4.0 Conference

March 3 - 4 2020

Riga, Latvia

Taking a look at topics such as technology’s impact on the port industry in the 2020s, solutions in the port digitalization process and the value of the process itself, as well as general awareness of the pace of technological innovation across all industries, the second outing of the Ports 4.0 promises the latest scoop on the key factors in the industry going into the third decade of the 21st century.

China Ship Finance & Offshore Summit

March 3 - 4 2020

Shanghai, China

This two-day conference will tackle a wide range of interconnected subjects, ranging from the developments in the oil and gas markets, to the supply/demand environment for offshore supply vessels and beyond. Despite a 30 year history, Marine Money, the host of the summit, aims to make every event an opportunity to make and save capital, make connections, and broaden your education.

Sustainable and Safe Passenger Ships

March 4 2020

Athens, Greece

With tourist cruisers and ferries growing ever larger to meet the industry’s demands, there is a need to cater to both passenger needs and new ecological regulations. The Sustainable and Safe Passenger Ships conference will look at novel designs, smart technologies, new safety procedures, improvements to port-ship interaction and onboard power management, as well as many others, all with the aim of sharing knowledge about an oft-overlooked industry.

Port of the Future Conference

March 9 - 12 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

In addition to providing a networking opportunity with corporate leaders, trade and logistics professionals and leading researchers, the Port of the Future Conference also features presentations and discussions on a variety of topics – some among them being the expansion of the role of ports, automation in shipping, and port projects currently underway.

Arctic Shipping Summit

March 11 - 12 2020

Montreal, Canada

Compiling the latest in technology, policy and infrastructure regarding the Arctic shipping industry, the 16th Arctic Shipping Summit will touch upon such topics as Arctic Navigation, Infrastructure, the possibilities of Autonomous Vessels in the Arctic region, and more, all through the medium of presentations by key industry figures and experts.

Green Ship Technology Europe

March 11 - 12 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Green Ship Technology Europe Conference gathers hundreds of attendees and ship owners, from over 25 countries. Together they will discuss and exchange ideas on topics such as decarbonization, green ports and a more sustainable supply chain, as well as hybrid ships and new designs.

Sea Japan

March 11 - 13 2020

Tokyo, Japan

Every two years, the Sea Japan Exhibition and Conference gathers leaders from Japan’s shipbuilding and shipping industries to meet and foster business relationships. The event features a large exhibition with over 500 presenters, technical seminars and networking opportunities, among other opportunities.

Marine Energy Transition Forum

March 17 - 18 2020

Antwerp, Belgium

After a highly successful inaugural forum in 2019, this year’s event is taking it a step further – moving beyond theory-crafting on decarbonization towards concrete commercially viable and scalable solutions. Energy experts from around the globe will gather to discuss how shipping can fuel its future, and the marine energy transition will affect the entire industry.

Oceanology International

March 17 - 19 2020

London, UK

Proud to wear the title of the world’s largest ocean technology exhibition and conference, Oceanology International is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an event that expects upwards of 8000 attendees and 500 presenters. Keeping true to a tested methodology, the presenters are gathered from the three key areas of business, government and academia.

Intermodal South America 2020

March 17 - 19 2020

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Intermodal’s international events are all three-day experiences with presentations from and networking with over 3000 professionals from the shipping and cargo domains. Emphasis is placed on logistics, cargo and international exchange solutions. The South America event will be hosted in beautiful Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Intermodal Asia 2020

March 17 - 19 2020

Shanghai, China

Intermodal’s international events are all three-day experiences with presentations from and networking with over 3000 professionals from the shipping and cargo domains. The Asia event will be hosted in Shanghai, China, and will gather experts and decision makers from over 90 countries, and from all areas of transport and logistics, making it one of the largest and most important events in the season.

IAPH World Ports Conference 2020

March 17 - 19 2020

Antwerp, Belgium

By bringing together leading ports, their customers, regulators and stakeholders, the 2020 World Ports Conference aims to imagine and deliver a future in which ports can lead in the field of energy transition, as well as data collaboration and innovation. The event offers a mix of panel discussions, workshops and specialized working events to showcase practical insight from leaders established in successful cross-industry collaboration.

Transport & Logistics Innovation Week

March 17 - 20 2020

Paris, France

One of Europe’s largest events, the Transport and Logistics Innovation Week puts it size to good use gathering visitors and exhibitors from over 80 different countries. With events ranging from Startup showcases to award ceremonies to more traditional panels and discussions, this SiTL event brings together all the innovative products and services dedicated to freight forwarding and supply chain industries.

Breakbulk Asia

March 18 - 19 2020

Shanghai, China

The Breakbulk brand’s asia conference offers a chance to get involved with the hundreds of shippers and presenters and thousands of attendees working with the industrial project supply chain – particularly the service providers and shippers involved with China’s massive One Belt One Road megaproject. Alongside that, the event also offers an opportunity to get expert insight on best practices and the most important issues in the industry in asia.

Asia Pacific Maritime

March 18 - 20 2020


Showcasing a complete overview of the vessel sectors – equipment, technology, machinery, supplies and others, the 15-year-old Asia Pacific Maritime Conference is one of the premier events for Asian maritime business. With a tried and tested mix of leadership events, networking opportunities and forward-looking exhibitions, the conference will cover all the bases.

13th Shiptek International Maritime Conference & Awards 2020

March 19 2020

Hamburg, Germany

A benchmark for the Maritime Sector, the Shiptek conferences have become one of the leading events in the domain. Aimed at the shot callers and policy makers within the Industry, the conference focuses on key market trends, highlighting possible opportunities, with the hope attendees walk away with a clear idea about future trade patterns and market influences. Also featured are the ShipTek International Awards – one of the most prestigious awards within the Maritime Industry.

Maritime Insurance London

March 20 2020

London, UK

A multifaceted event, Maritime Insurance London features everything from panel discussions to case studies. This event will focus on the industry as a whole, and how it would react to rapid, massive changes caused by either international events on unpredictable collapses of the supply chain. The event closes out with the fireside chat, where leading experts will discuss cutting-edge technology relevant to the field.

Gujarat Junction

March 20 2020

Gandhidham, India 

Hosted by EXIM INDIA, the 11th Gujarat Junction event on ports, cargo, shipping and logistics features a gathering of leaders as well as an evening of awards to recognize the best among them. The CEO Roundtable sub-event provides an environment for discussing issues of the maritime and logistics sectors for India and beyond.

Global Port & Marine Operations

March 23 - 26 2020

Hobart, Australia

Held in Tasmania, a crucial maritime link and a destination for world-class research, training and education, the Global Port and Marine Operations congress is, however, a global-scale event. With the theme of ‘Navigating Towards the Digital Future’ this event is an unparalleled opportunity for maritime businesses and marine professionals from around the world.

Container Terminal Automation Conference

March 24 - 25

London, UK

A trusted source of insight into the technology and mindset changes in the container terminal automation space, the CTAC is a global-scale event gathering speakers, attendees and stakeholders to engage in networking and debate, hear best-in-practice examples and learn how top operators move with their long-term terminal strategies.

9th Black Sea Ports and Shipping

March 24 - 26 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

Back for its ninth outing, the Black Sea Ports and Shipping remains the biggest annual event for Shipping and Logistics in the region. This year, an assembly of over 300 experts from among academia, government, harbor masters and more will address topical issues and challenges facing regional trade and investment.

2020 Coastal Summit

March 24 - 26 2020

Washington DC, USA

Hosted by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association, the Coastal Summit shares its patron’s focus and values, dealing with topics such as offshore energy, local funding reviews, living shorelines, and more. Playing off its proximity to the building of congress, where all the major decisions are made on the federal level, it will also look at the decisions being made, and how that will impact the future.

OTC Asia 2020

March 24 - 27 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With an ever increasing demand for solid technical information to support the offshore oil and gas industries in Asia, the OTC Asia event provides exactly that, taking it a step further by facilitating opportunities for professionals and organizations to share tech and best practices in a solution-focused environment.

Annual Arctic Exchange

March 25 - 26 2020

Geneva, Switzerland

For the seventh time, the Exchange will invite delegates from all over the world to engage face-to-face with decision makers and build relationships, all the while helping explore the challenges and issues of the maritime industry in the arctic region.

Pharos Int'l Conference and Exhibition for Logistics, Ports and Shipping

March 25 - 27 2020

Pharos, Egypt

With Egypt embarking on a multibillion-dollar investment into its transportation infrastructure, including ports and shipping. With the government investing to stabilize a traditionally unstable industry, and the role of Egypt in the One Belt One Road initiative, it’s the Pharos 2020 event that brings together the key players in the related sectors to help inform about and achieve this long-term strategy.

International Shipping Community Conference (CMA Shipping)

March 31 - April 2 2020

Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, this veteran event brings together the entire spectrum of the industry. With over 45 countries represented, 60-odd experts presenting and ample time to connect and network, the CMA shipping conference remains one of the key events of the season.

The 25th China International Boat Show

March 31 - April 2 2020

Shanghai, China

One of the longest running and most comprehensive annual boating events in Asia, the 25th outing of this event will welcome over 40000 visitors and 600 quality exhibitors, helping drive and explore the entire boating industry in the region.

13th Annual Capital Link International Shipping & Offshore Forum

April 1 2020

New York City, New York, USA

The meeting place for C-level Executives and the finance and investment communities involved in shipping, the Annual International Shipping & Offshore Forum returns for its 13th outing. Like very year, the key topics are macroeconomic issues that shape and transform the international shipping markets.

French Maritime Show / NAVEXPO International

April 1 - 3 2020

Lorient, France

Unique in the fact that the entire expo is afloat, the event is back for the fifth time to gather maritime professionals from all across France, as well as guests from broader Europe and Africa. In addition to a unique environment, the event offers the opportunity for trade exchanges, demonstrations, technical discussions and more.

Shippax Ferry Conference

April 1 - 3 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark

A ferry conference both in name and deed, Shippax’s event typically attracts over 400 attendees and delegates from over 60 companies from all over the globe. Aboard, everything from discussions to presentations to networking opportunities is made available, guaranteeing an invaluable experience.

International Symposium on Ship Operations, Management and Economics

April 2 - 3 2020

Athens, Greece

Coming back for its 7th outing, the International Symposium on Ship Operations, Management and Economics aims to gather together leading figures from among academics, marine engineers, ship operators and more to discuss important issues. Some of the topics include risk management, digitalization, ship design, maritime economics and more.

World FUTURE Ports Summit

April 2 - 3 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The World FUTURE Ports summit focuses on the increasingly important fields of smart tech use, port optimization and sustainability solutions. The event brings together leading companies and authorities to discuss recent advances in digitalization and best strategies for scalable innovation in port organization and supply chain management.

Latin America Ports Forum

April 2 - 3 2020

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In a time when global trade is going through restructuring, Latin American port authorities, terminal operators, government officials and more will gather to exchange ideas and discuss the infrastructure projects in the region that aim to increase capacity and modernize a colossal industry.

Seatrade Cruise Global

April 20 - 23 2020

Miami, Florida, USA

One of the largest cruise industry gatherings in the world, this event will address a broad range of topics. Tackling everything from reducing cruiser carbon footprints, ship design and shipbuilding, as well as less immediately obvious areas such as port and hotel relations and security, this 13000+ person expo has something for every professional.

Retail Supply Chain 2020

April 22 - 23 2020

New York City, New York, USA

Observant of the fact that supply chains are more valuable than ever, and willing to focus on and improve brands that focus on this key part of their infrastructure, the Retail Supply Chain 2020 event offers a traditional selection of valuable networking opportunities, interactive presentations and critical business sessions. This conference is organized by Reuters events.

The 9th Annual Event Green Shiptech China Congress 2020

April 23 - 24 2020

Shanghai, China

In 2020, the Annual Green Shiptech China Congress will gather over 400 decision makers, government officials and industry experts to engage and discuss with one another. Topics for this years event will include policy and regulations updates by the US, Europe and China itself, green ship design, innovation in fuel and lubricants, and much, much more.

2nd Caspian Ports & Shipping 2020

April 28 - 30 2020

Aktau, Kazakhstan

Co-hosted by the Aktau Port, this two-day conference will feature 30 global-class transportation and logistics experts and speakers. Along with over 300 senior government officials, industry leaders, academics, harbor masters and others, they will discuss the issues and opportunities in the Caspian, with enough time to network and forge new connections as well.

OTC America

May 4 - 7 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Playing a major role in connecting people from over 100 countries with the goal of collaboration and discussion since 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference can leverage 13 professional societies to help and support over 50000 attendees. This support is achieved via education into the latest tech advancements, opportunities to network, and a business-minded environment focused on the offshore sector.

Mediterranean Shipping Summit

May 5 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

The Mediterranean is one of the busiest shipping lanes on the planet, involving 80% of European trade volume. Further, it’s the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Africa. After the International Maritime Organization’s new 2020 regulations, this event offers a look towards the future of Mediterranean shipping, and the challenges and opportunities brought on by this change in the market.

8th Annual Maritime Security East

May 5 - 7 2020

Miami, Florida, USA

Returning for its 8th outing, the Annual Maritime Security East conference acts to address the needs of local, state and federal agencies, law enforcement and military in overcoming the challenges of securing coasts, inland waterways, key infrastructure and ports. This year’s event will explore challenging topics such as port security, cyber security, and tackling illicit drug and human smuggling.

Global Liner Shipping Conference

May 11 - 13 2020

Hamburg, Germany

With shipping going through a transformation in accordance to new EU regulations, this conference aims to answer questions about the nature of the future of shipping, supply chain strategies and technological advances. Further, it will deal with contemporary issues of trade wars, Brexit, and the escalating trade tensions worldwide.

5th Baltic Ports And Shipping 2020

May 12 - 14 2020

Lubeck, Germany

The biggest event in the Baltic region, the 5th Baltic Ports and Shipping conference will feature 35 world-class speakers, over 300 experts and 35 international-scale exhibitors. Everything port operation, from supply chain to maritime consulting to logistics strategy will be touched upon at this key event.

Surface Force Projection Conference

May 12 - 14 2020

Newport, Virginia, 2020

The result of a joint effort between the U.S. Government and subject matter experts in transport and logistics, this conference will examine, in detail, new ways of developing a wide range of proactive, scalable options for quickly deploying personnel and transporting crucial supplies in response to emerging requirements.

Europort Romania

May 12 - 14 2020

Constanta, Romania

A rapidly-growing environment, the Romanian shipbuilding sector is an area worth exploring. The Europort Romania event does just that, offering a compact networking event, a chance to interact with leaders and decision-makers in management, technical, purchasing, engineering and operational departments of shipyards, and much, much more.

Coastlink 2020

May 13 - 14 2020

Antwerp, Belgium

Coastlink is a neutral pan-European network that promotes short sea and feeder shipping, as well as the intermodal transport networks that interconnect the sector. The Conference event is then, in turn, a venue to discuss and debate the challenges and opportunities in the region’s industry, enabling participants and delegates to establish and build relationships.

10th Annual Deep Sea Mining Summit

May 13 - 14 2020

London, UK

As mining the ocean floor, one of the planet’s most remote environments, inches away from the futuristic and towards the contemporary, mining companies are working to overcome challenges. Supporting them is this Summit, which brings together a large array of problem-solvers, up-and-coming deep sea miners, members of academia and those in related industries - all those wanting to learn more about the industry and the opportunities it provides.

Danish Maritime Fair

May 13 - 14 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark

An open-to-the-public Maritime exhibition with an accent on the Scandinavian market that covers the entirety of the maritime subsectors, this two-day conference features experts and presentations on almost every related activity, from ship safety to insurance to engineering solutions to logistics and media.


May 15 - 17 2020

Cork, UK

A three-pronged fusion event featuring Seafest itself, the Cork Harbor Festival and the European Maritime Day, it’s the latter that has the most to offer - organized by the Our Ocean Wealth Summit and the European Commission. Offering a large number of seasoned speakers, project pitch sessions, the event helps catch up visitors on the state of Europe’s Maritime community, while also allowing an opportunity to network and advance.

College of Charleston - Port Cities 2020

May 14 - 16 2020

Charleston, South Carolina, USA 

To mark several anniversaries, notably the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the College of Charleston, the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World program will hold the aptly-titled ‘Port Cities of the Atlantic World’ conference. An international event, it will take a look at the maritime routes that link cities around the Atlantic world, bringing together academics and community leaders to share their ideas and research.

Maritime Transport Efficiency

May 18 - 19 2020

Geneva, Switzerland

Tackling important topics such as new fuel options, energy and storage, weight reduction engineering and hybrid solutions, the Maritime Transport Efficiency Conference aims to bring together the most important players in the industry to explore solutions for both environmental issues as well as the bottom line.

12th Annual UK Ports Conference

May 19 - 20 2020

London, UK

Equipped to provide visitors with systematic insight into the biggest challenges of the UK’s ports in a Brexit and Post-Brexit world, the conference gathers industry leaders to trade knowledge and solutions on new legislature, air quality and port connectivity, among other relevant topics.


May 19 - 21 2020

Vigo, Spain

Conceptualized from the beginning as a resource to the maritime and shipbuilding industries, the event hosts professionals and consultants from across Europe and beyond, for a total of around 90 countries, 750 exhibitors, and thousands of expected attendees. Since its birth in 2006, the Navalia exhibition never stopped growing, and looks forward to a brighter future still.

International Conference on Ocean Energy

May 19 - 21 2020

Washington DC, USA

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) is a comprehensive biennial event that strives to further Ocean Energy by fostering international exchange and providing incentives to the best and brightest among the young. Supervised by the Ocean Energy Systems (OES) group, which has 25 member nations, the event is a leader in all things ocean energy.

Seaport Conversation

May 19 - 21 2020

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

A standout conference that deals with major topics like climate change, port security, infrastructure planning, automation and more, the PortCon Seaport Conversation event is also a learning opportunity to pick up some insight into leadership, talent development, and the state of affairs in the port and maritime industries.

Breakbulk Europe

May 26 - 28 2020

Bremen, Germany

The final Breakbulk event before the summer, and priding itself on over a decade of status as a vital networking hub for professionals, Breakbulk Europe offers the insight and networking opportunities that are part and parcel of the brand’s events on an impressive scale, bringing in over 600 exhibitors and over 9000 visitors.

International Conference on Transportation and Development

May 26 - 29 2020

Seattle, Washington, USA

Born of a collaboration between the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Washington State Department of Transportation, this event offers not only a unique platform for public agencies, private companies and research institutes to share their vision and experiences, but it also features a list of top-tier speakers from both the private sector and the government.

Ferry Shipping Summit

May 27 - 28 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The European Ferry Shipping Summit has one key message – in this world, the only constant is change. Resonant with that theme, this year’s event focuses on the economic, geopolitical and social changes sweeping through the European ferry operation and port industry. The goal is to deliver conference content that helps drive sustainability, profitability, and good customer relations.

European Sea Ports Organization

May 28 - 29 2020

Oslo, Norway

In order to help promote the efforts made by European ports to enhance city-port relations, the European Sea Ports Organization gives out the annual ESPO award on social integration of ports. In addition, following sixteen successful events, the conference features high quality speakers, debates on the most relevant topics, and more.

6th Annual International Conference on Transportation

June 1 - 4 2020

Athens, Greece

Although intentionally designed to have no specific theme, the Annual International Conference on Transportation doesn’t lack in focus – it will gather leaders in academia from top universities across the globe to present and exchange ideas that help explore and transform the transportation business.


June 1 - 5 2020

Athens, Greece

With a legacy of ship-owning and shipbuilding that stretches for thousands of years, it’s clear why Greece, with the Posidonia event, has much to say about the maritime community. Aware that professionals worldwide face similar issues in an age of changes, the event offers a chance to exchange ideas, seek solutions and make connections that will last in this new age.

Greentech Marine 2020

June 2 - 4 2020

Montreal, Canada

Having earned a reputation for consistently showcasing the latest in sustainability technology and innovation in the marine industry, Greentech’s event is a premier platform to learn about new options in sustainable maritime transport. Like other Greentech’s event, this one also provides ample time to meet fellow professionals and forge connections in an always-evolving industry.

Future Surface Fleet

June 2 - 4 2020

Portsmouth, UK

The Future Surface Fleet Conference of 2020 will explore how new tech and new maritime programs being implemented by nations are changing and influencing the maritime environment. As older naval platforms are slowly being phased out, this conference offers the experts and information to keep visitors informed of the important changes and moves in the industry.

2020 UN Ocean Conference

June 2 - 6 2020

Lisbon, Portugal

Co-Hosted by the governments of Kenya and Portugal, this event comes at a time when the world is mobilizing – creating and seeking solutions in order to realize the 17 sustainable development goals by 2030. This event’s role is to help proper the much needed science-based innovative solutions, with the goal of starting a new chapter in global maritime action.

TOC Europe 2020

June 9 - 11 2020

Rotterdam, Netherlands

A completely different experience from last year’s version of the event, the TOC Europe 2020 event splits itself into 4 areas covering 12 core themes of the shipping, port operation and smart port industries. It will showcase start-ups and the new solutions they offer, foster connection and relationships between established companies, and demonstrate hundreds of new products in a new display zone.

Sea Energy Forum

June 9 - 12 2020

Nantes, France

One of the largest sea energy events, the Sea Energy Forum brings over 200 exhibitors, over 30 speakers, and a veritable ‘sea’ of networking and meeting opportunities. Each year, experts from Marine Renewable Energy and Offshore Wind sectors gather for two days to explore innovative solutions and technologies to help make a complete energy transition happen sooner, rather than later.

H2O Conference

June 15 - 17 2020

Halifax, Canada

The H2O Conference is Canada’s premier event for the ocean technology sector, born of a collaboration between the Government of Canada and the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia. An international event, it will represent over a dozen countries, covering every sector from marine defense to energy to environmental monitoring, tourism and more.


June 15 - 17 2020

Lorient, France

The fifth conference in the INNOV’SAIL series, moving from France to Sweden, this year’s event promises an international forum on the complex field of sailing. With discussions and presentations about the latest research and findings in both yacht engineering and the use and craft of wind-assisted ships, INNOV’SAIL offers a unique opportunity for everyone from scientists to ship owners and builders, engineers and beyond to come together to share skills and know-how.

Technology, Systems and Ships

June 16 - 18 2020

Arlington, Virginia, USA

With the American Society of Naval Engineers as the host, this event places heavy emphasis on Naval Engineering in the wider context of current and future Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard programs. Other features of note will be ship modernization, weapon systems, reaching out to young professionals, as well as the networking opportunities.

PIANC Asia Pacific Conference

June 16 - 19 2020

Fremantle, Australia

As more events come to terms with the importance of sustainable and clean technology in ports and harbors, the PIANC organization’s Asia Pacific conference leads the charge in placing the natural environment at the forefront of every project. The summer event will bring together engineers, builders, academics and conservationists to help solve new problems with new ideas.

20th International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling

June 21 - 26 2020

Guangzhou, China

The International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling has been one of the foremost events on marine fouling and corrosion since its creation in 1964. It’s been held all over the globe, and strives to keep that global-scale outlook with every subsequent event. As is traditional, the conference will keep to high standards of informativity, quality of visitors, and attention to solutions and advances related to biofouling and corrosion.

Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium

June 23 - 25 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A symposium for ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, research organizations and other expert visitors, the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium is the leading platform for unmanned shipping. This year’s topics include mainstays such as navigation technology and automation software, but also ventures into less-obvious themes such legal implications, piracy and the impact on the maritime workforce.

International Exhibition of Electric and Hybrid Marine Charging and Propulsion Technologies and Components

June 23 - 25 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

An exhibition of the latest and most cutting-edge electric and hybrid marine charging and propulsion tech, this global event keeps focus on what it’s best at – bringing forward new tech to experts and visitors to discuss, explore and comment on. Catering to every demographic from ship owners and designers to military personnel and port operators, the event has content for every visitor.

European Environmental Ports Conference

June 24 - 25 2020

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Serving as a space for senior representatives from the global port and shipping communities, as well as for environmental policy-makers, academic experts and consultants, the European Environmental Ports Conference is a two-day event that tackles the most pressing topics of the maritime industries in a world-class environment.

International Conference on Smart & Green Technology for Shipping and Maritime Industries

June 25 - 26 2020

Glasgow, UK

As fuel costs rise, incentives are never better to move towards eco-friendly marine technology. While green tech in nothing new, this conference strives to help its visitors see it with new eyes. This is achieved via tight cooperation with both academics and policy-makers, to help drive the nature and purpose of this movement towards sustainability in the shipping and transport sectors.

International Conference on Maritime Transport ICMT

June 29 - 30 2020

London, UK

The premier interdisciplinary platform for research and information exchange in the domain of Maritime Transport, this conference features presentations on the latest findings in material and design for the industry, gathering hundreds of academics and scholars, as well as industry professionals interested in learning.

Trans Middle East

July 7 - 9 2020

Beirut, Lebanon

Continuing its reign as one of the biggest annual container, shipping and transport logistics exhibitions in the middle east – the Trans Middle East conference features over 30 speakers, over 400 government officials, academics, harbor masters and engineers and other related professionals, all taking a look of the state of the shipping industry in the middle east. The mid-summer event continues the tradition of quality established over the past 17 years.

Maritime Safety International Conference 2020

July 12 - 15 2020

Bali, Indonesia

Returning for its second year, the Maritime Safety International Conference will take a look at both current and upcoming technology in the safety operation of ships and maritime facilities. Designed as an advanced biennial conference, the event thoroughly vets its publications, intent on keeping only the most valuable data in the maritime sector.

Port Security Seminar and Expo

July 15 - 17 2020

San Diego, California, USA

Hosted by the American Association of Port Authorities, and one of its most popular programs, this event dives into the issues and developments concerning the northern hemisphere’s major ports. Engaging with physical security, cybersecurity, their funding and the people that make it happen, the event is a mainstay for maritime security and protection professionals.

International Conference On Safety & Reliability of Ship, Offshore & Subsea Structures

July 23 - 24 2020

Glasgow, UK

A very practically-minded event, the SAROSS conference brings together researchers and practitioners to address the safety & reliability issues of the different stages of design, analysis and construction of marine structures such as ships, offshore platforms and submerged structures. Each of these fields features several sub-topics, from risk control to system reliability to corrosion compensation and beyond.

7th Annual Maritime Security West

August 5 - 7 2020

Los Angeles, California, USA

The event’s program is conducted in three concurrent series of panels, speaker sessions and workshops, allowing participants to learn and collaborate, dealing with topics such as Port Security, Cyber Security, Maritime Border Security, Coastal Surveillance, and more, all with the guidance and advice of established industry experts.

Transport Evolution Mozambique Forum & Expo 

August 11 - 13 2020

Maputo, Mozambique

With the support of Mozambique’s Minister of Transport and Communication, the event brings leaders together from the regional as well as the international transport community, with the goal creating and exploring new business opportunities in the port, rail and road sector. It will also feature addresses by the key decision makers from the Maputo Port Development Company.

International Conference on Port and Maritime Security ICPMS

August 13 - 14 2020

Venice, Italy

The 14th outing of this well-established platform for research and information exchange in the domain of Maritime Security, this year’s event brings back leading academics, researchers and authorities from the fields of Port and Maritime security, with the goals of education and sharing the newest and most relevant information for a changing industry.

4th International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics

August 16 - 19 2020

Austin, Texas, USA

The fourth ISFOG event, as its predecessors, will strive to act as a specialist forum for professionals and academics to exchange ideas and solutions in the dynamic field of offshore design and installations. The 2020 event pays special attention to emerging tech related to data science and renewable energy, both domestically and globally.

ICMLS 2020: 14. International Conference on Maritime Logistics and Shipping

August 21 - 22 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Late in the summer season, the 14th international conference on maritime logistics and shipping closes said season out with a strong showing, pulling together experts and professionals to exhibit their ideas and research on logistics and shipping, as well as more specific issues and challenges that arise in those fields.

Offshore Northern Seas

August 31 - September 3

Stavanger, Norway

Sustainability is the core of the ONS foundation’s business. In that vein, the event provides information, challenges old, established practices, and gathers experts and decision makers to push the industry into the sustainable energy future. With tens of thousands of visitors and around 100 countries represented, the event is uniquely positioned to do exactly that.

Maritime Future Summit

September 7 - 11 2020

Hamburg, Germany

The Maritime Future Summit faces the digital transformation of the maritime sector, tackling the new topic of Artificial Intelligence in the port and shipping industry, and how it may be over, or under-estimated. With top experts and curated panels, the fall event is one that shouldn’t be missed.

37th International Conference on Coastal Engineering

September 13 - 18 2020

Sydney, Australia

Open to everyone from seasoned professionals to postgraduate students, this international conference takes an extensive look at what academia and new research has to say about relevant coastal factors. From wave patterns to nearshore current, natural hazards and coastal management, this event offers knowledge and information on it all.

Harbor HMS 2020

September 16 - 18 2020

Athens, Greece

With topics ranging from simulation and computer tech to logistics, supply chains, transportation and maritime environments, the HMS Conference is a tried-and-tested event that has been hosted around the world.Every year, worldwide specialists come in to participate and interact with visitors, vendors and academics, all working together to push the industry forward.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Conference

September 18 2020

New York City, New York, USA

Returning for its 7th outing, and designed in collaboration with the Port Authority of New York City, this event offers visitors the opportunity to explore new and upcoming construction projects, updates to the port’s development and capital plans, and discuss exciting new diversity and inclusion programs.

Mediterranean Ports & Shipping 2020

September 22 2020

One of the biggest annual Container Ports, Shipping and Transport Logistics exhibitions in the Mediterranean region, coming back for its 8th year, the Mediterranean Ports and Shipping Conference offers not only a networking opportunity, but presentations by 30 world-class speakers and access to over 50 exhibitors cherry-picked from among the best.

Women in Shipping Summit

September 22 - 23 2020

Barbican, UK

As the industry changes and women’s position in the world of shipping improves, new and challenging opportunities arise. Focused on topics ranging from empowerment to action and choice, the Women in Shipping Summit is primarily for women, but definitely not exclusive to them, as only by working together can true change be achieved.

Submarine Networks

September 23 - 24 2020


Despite staggering advancements in tech and observation, the sea depths remain an unexplored frontier. The Submarine Networks event, taking place in Singapore, focuses on what happens below the surface, bringing together the innovators, investors and organizers behind the revolutionary drive to conquer the deep.

Sustainable Shipping and Ports Forum

September 28 - 29 2020

Athens, Greece

With sustainability as one of the year’s most frequent buzzwords, this two-day event helps explore intriguing new possibilities, from green ports to future fuel to more traditional decarbonization and social responsibility topics. With over 50 eminently qualified speakers, it’s one the best events in the season to improve and perfect knowledge on sustainable shipping and ports.

Breakbulk Americas

September 29 - October 1 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

The final Breakbulk event of the 2020 season, Breakbulk Americas is celebrating its 30th anniversary. With thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors from the US, Canada, Latin American countries and the Caribbean, as well as almost two dozen agenda sessions, the event is closing out the season in a big way.

National Coastal and Estuarine Summit

October 4 - 8 2020

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

As one of the largest international gatherings of coastal professionals, this summit brings people from policy, strategy, business and science for a week of networking, learning and discovering. And with over 100 expertly-designed sessions to explore, there is more than enough room for discovery.

GreenTech in Shipping USA

October 5 - 6 2020

Miami, Florida, USA

One of the largest late-season events on green tech in the maritime sector, this conference brings around 50 preeminent authorities on the US marine sector, to tackle environmentally-conscious topics ranging from new fuel options, scrubbing tech, ship optimization, and much, much more.

Intermodal Europe 2020

October 6 - 8 2020

Rotterdam, Netherlands

With over four decades of experience, and an annual turnout of over 6000 participants from across the world, the Intermodal Europe event is a hub for shippers, shipping lines, ports, logistic companies, and more. Conceptualized as a free-to-attend exhibition and conference, the event attracts the industry’s biggest names from over 90 countries.

International Trade Show And Conferences Of Logistic,Transport, Ports & Navigation

October 7 - 9 2020

Asunción, Paraguay

A generator for opportunities and connections in the logistics, transport, ports and navigation industries, the 8th NAVEGISTIC International Trade Show provides the perfect setting and the company of over 5000 like-minded professionals to exchange ideas and explore solutions in the maritime and transport worlds.

Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific

October 9 - 11 2020

Shanghai, China

This three-day conference welcomes over 1000 visitors from across the cruise and maritime leisure sectors. Exploring a traditionally more navally-oriented market, the Seatrade Cruise Asia Pacific event aims to show that these markets have much more to offer than it seems.

Transport Evolution Africa:  Forum & Expo

October 13 - 14 2020

Durban, South Africa

Uniting buyers and sellers from across the value chain with the intent of providing comprehensive access to planned blue economy development and expansion projects across the African continent, the Transport Evolution Africa Forum welcomes dozens of leading port, road and rail authorities, and thousands of professional visitors to connect Africa and facilitate intra-continental trade.

Mediterranean Offshore Conference & Exhibition

October 13 - 15 2020

Alexandria, Egypt

Returning for its 10th outing, the Mediterranean Offshore Conference of 2020 connects the two shores of the Mediterranean. With a resurgence in its oil and gas industries, Egypt is in a unique position – to this end, this event is gathering presentations from 24 countries and over 350 companies to explore and exchange ideas, solutions and visions.

2020 National Coastal Conference

October 13 - 16 2020

Long Beach, California, USA

A late fall event, the American Shore and Beach Association’s 2020 National Costal Conference, hosted in Long Beach, California, takes a detailed look at the best practices, strategies and ideas in coast management and preservation efforts.

GreenPort Cruise & Congress

October 14 - 16 2020

Athens, Greece

Started in 2004, the GreenPort Cruise and Congress event annually gathers hundreds of port authorities, logistics and terminal operators and shipping line decision makers to meet up, learn about, and discuss the latest in sustainable development. Topics this year will range from multimodal supply chains to zero emission solutions to optimizing efficiency and cutting costs.

Greek Ship Finance Forum

October 15 2020

Athens, Greece 

A standout focused event in the late fall season, the Greek Ship Finance Forum presents the maritime and shipbuilding industries from a uniquely Greek perspective, drawing inspiration from both the economic renewal their industry is undergoing, as well as the thousand-year-old tradition of maritime life on the peninsulas.

Mauritius Maritime Week 2020

October 19 - 23 2020

Balaclava, Mauritius

The largest maritime transport event in the Indian Ocean region, the 2020 Mauritius Maritime Week features hundreds of leaders and decision makers from the government and private sectors of the shipping and port industries, dozens of world-class conference speakers and over 50 exhibitors and drivers in the advancement of the maritime transport industry in the region.

Maritime Security Challenges 2020: Pacific Seapower

October 20 - 22 2020

Victoria, Canada

This year’s event will be the ninth iteration of Canada’s leading maritime security conference. Focusing on the balance of the great powers in the Indo-Pacific, the event doesn’t forget to take a look at how middle powers are navigating and innovating in this challenging environment. As always, the MSC event will include networking opportunities, presentations and addresses by leading experts.


October 20 - 23 2020

Paris, France

The Euronaval event lets its visitors speak for itself – featuring 33 countries, around 25000 visitors, numbering chiefs of staff in navies and ministers of defense among the attending, it’s one of the most important naval events on the calendar.

Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference

October 26 - 28 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For more than 13 years, the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference brings together the offshore sectors – oild, gas, offshore wind and marine energy. Featuring over 550 exhibitors from around the world and expecting over ten thousand professionals to visit, this massive late-year event is one of 2020’s best opportunities to dive into the offshore energy industry.

TOC Americas

October 27 - 29 2020

Lima, Peru

Held in one of the world’s key shipping hubs, this event is one of the leading platforms for the container supply chain, bringing together shippers, logistics providers, port authorities, terminal operators and more. Formed of the trio of a Container Supply Chain Conference, Dry Bulk Conference and Port Technology Exhibition, the TOC Americas event leaves little unexplored.

Shiptec China

October 29 - 31 2020

Dalian, China

With the ambition of building itself up into one of the most reputable events in northeast Asia, the Shiptec china event, hosted in the traditionally sea-oriented port-city of Dalian, aims to serve as a high-end networking platform for the entire marine industrial chain. With strong academic support and new tech and equipment presentations, the event’s ambition is very close to being realized.

Maritime/Air Systems & Technologies International Trade Show

November 2 - 4 2020

Tokyo, Japan

Moving to Tokyo in order to increase access to the Japanese defense community, the MAST Asia event presents a unique opportunity to connect and network with representatives from a wide scope of Japanese sectors, ranging from the ministries of defense, economy and foreign affairs, to international agencies with contacts worldwide.

Marine Renewables Canada Annual Conference

November 3 - 5 2020

Halifax, Canada

As one of the world’s leaders in the implementation of sustainable technology and policies, Canada is the perfect place to gather professionals, academics and problem-solvers in the field of Marine renewables. As more and more of the industry undergoes the energy transition, this event helps visitors stay on top of the changes.

Tenth International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries

November 16 - 20 2020

Manila, Philippines

After a decade of experience, this series is still going strong, focusing this year’s event on sustainable coastal development. As more and more developing nations have to face issues like climate change impact, cyber security problems and logistics efficiency, this event brings together panels of local and international experts to discuss ideas and solutions for a rapidly-changing field.

Asian Logistics, Maritime, and Aviation Conference

November 17 - 18 2020

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong’s unique history as a meeting point of cultures and a leading logistical hub makes it a prime location for the 9th outing of the Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference. With this year’s theme being ‘Connect and Innovate: Navigating Challenging Times’, the event gives access to the tools and experts to let visitors do just that.

Motorship Propulsion and Future Fuels Conference

November 17 - 19 2020

Hamburg, Germany

Exploring clean fuels for over a decade, the Future Fuels Conference kept a watchful eye on the developments in the field. With the 2020 global Sulphur cap imminent, alternative and innovative fuels are moving rapidly from option to necessity – the event takes this into consideration, fostering discussion around propulsion and alternate fuels over two days, finishing it with a practical technical visit on the final day.

Intermodal Africa 2020

November 24 - 26 2020

Dakar, Senegal

One of the largest shipping and transport logistics events in Africa, and with over two decades of legacy and experience to draw from, Intermodal 2020 aims to continue its vital run. Bringing 30 world-class speakers and a gathering of 400 government officials, academics, harbor masters and other professionals, it gives visitors unique insight into every nook and cranny of the industries’ operations in Africa.

TOC Middle East 2020

December 7 - 9 2020

Dubai, UAE

The final TOC event of the year, and possibly the grandest, the Middle East event takes a look at the big factors such as the global politics and trade volatility, upswing in environmental regulations, and the massive belt and road initiative, juxtaposing them with their effect on the port, terminal, shipping and maritime logistics sectors in the region.

INMEX China 2020

December 9 - 11 2020

Guangzhou, China

Gathering an international crowd to a regional event, the INMEX China event is set in one of the most critical ports in the region, linking China and the ASEAN countries. The event attracts over 500 presenters and brands from over 20 countries, and expects over 12000 professionals as attendees this year as well.