Top Offshore Investment Conferences

The top offshore finance and investment immigration conferences in late 2019 and early 2020
August 18, 2019
August 19, 2019

September 2019 Uglobal Immigration Expo Seoul

September 2 2019

Seoul, South Korea 

The expo will offer high-quality education, brought by industry leaders, and will gather global immigration professionals from programs around the world. Interactive panels, moderated by experienced investment immigration professionals, as well as in-depth workshops designed specifically for attorneys, migration agents and developers, will also be a major feature of the expo.

Offshore Europe

September 3-6 2019

Aberdeen, UK

The SPE Offshore Europe Conference is the largest free-to-attend conference in the industry, as well as the leading E&P event in Europe. With a program designed by a technical committee of industry leaders, featuring peer-reviewed technical abstract, the conference prides itself for being ‘by the industry, for the industry’.

September 2019 Fall Uglobal Immigration Expo HCMC

September 5-6 2019

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Unlike its sister expo, this one focuses more on being a dynamic networking environment, despite featuring carefully moderated educational panels and special guest speakers. The expo aims to serve as a networking tool to expand your business globally and build overseas partnerships.

Retire Overseas Conference

September 7-10 2019

Houston, Texas, USA

The conference aims to equip those who attend with the information and contacts to aid in the selection of an optimal retirement location. It brings together local experts, local expats, and peers that are tackling, or have already dealt with, the practical issues that need consideration.

OffshoreAlert Conference Latin America

September 16-17 2019

São Paulo, Brazil 

The OffshoreAlert Conference, bringing together over 250 clients, providers, and investigators of high-end financial products and services from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and key offshore jurisdictions, is a Financial Intelligence & Investigations event that fosters networking and the discussion of wealth creation, preservation and recovery.

IBA Annual Conference Seoul 2019

September 22-27 2019

Seoul, South Korea

The IBA’s Annual Conference is a central event of the international legal community, presenting an unequalled opportunity to swap knowledge and create and renew a global network of colleagues and business contacts. This years program will include over 200 sessions, culminating in the Rule of Law Symposium.

IREX Citizenship Conclave

September 27-28 2019

New Delhi, India

The Conference is a unique platform that offers various options and prospects for citizenship and residency across the world to Indian residents. It brings together Residency, Citizenship and Legal consultants, property developers, government bodies and other stakeholders in one place

Offshore Wealth Summit 2019

October 1 2019

Panama City, Panama

The summit aims to empower its visitors with the tools and know-how to secure their and their families’ financial future, by bringing forward solutions that diversify and are not beholden to the fortunes of any one company, enterprise, or nation.

WAIPA World Investment Conference

October 7-8 2019

Warsaw, Poland

A high-power event, the WAIPA World Investment Conference will bring together leaders from the investment sectors from business, government and academia, with the goal and purpose of sharing information and educating visitors on the present-day challenges and problems of the investments scene.

October 2019 Fall Uglobal Immigration Expo Mumbai

October 12 2019

Mumbai, India

Much like the aforementioned Uglobal conferences and expos, the Mumbai event will offer high-quality education by industry leaders, and will feature the opportunity to network in a unique, cross-cultural setting with seasoned immigration professionals from around the world.

Citizenship Expo

October 30 - November 1 2019

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The UAE’s citizen expo is a conference for international investors interested in relocating and investing overseas. It will be held in Abu Dhabi, and will focus primarily on the Middle East and North Africa.

Investment Immigration Summit East Asia

November 4-5 2019

Hong Kong

The summit offers unique access to the most up-to-date information on the global investment markets, intelligence on the latest trends driving Chinese HNWI interest, as well as the latest developments in CRS and key tax strategies for the globally mobile. This year’s even will have special focus on the Chinese investor, and the opportunities and pitfalls offered to them.

2019 International Migration and Investment Summit Beijing

November 7-8 2019

Beijing, China 

The IMS is the premier China Investment and B2B Platform. Serving international project companies and Chinese agencies as a source for getting information about investment migration, it offers the most appropriate and secure investment migration programs and services.

8th Annual OffshoreAlert Conference Europe

November 11-12 2019

London, UK

The OffshoreAlert Conference is a financial intelligence and investigations even that brings together key personnel from the western world and key offshore jurisdictions to network and exchange ideas. The conference tackles the full spectrum of issues in Offshore Finance, and serves as a neutral forum to discuss and analyze all material aspects that affect business conducted in or through offshore financial centers.

13th Global Citizenship Conference

November 11-13 2019

London, UK

Hosted by Henley & Partners, the annual conference will be held in London. It has grown to become the world’s most significant conference on investment migration. Over 450 attendees are expected, ranging from industry leader to senior government officials, to top-tier service providers, all sharing first-hand information on the latest developments in residence and citizenship planning.

Shanghai Offshore Investment Conference

November 12-14 2019

Shanghai, China

Designed by China Offshore and local practitioners, the conference aims to educate financial intermediaries on the effective use of the tax planning and asset management tools that are available in low-tax jurisdictions. The conference also serves as a platform for information exchange, business development and tutoring on wealth management.

China Overseas Investment Fair

November 28-29 2019

Beijing, China

With ten years of experience bringing over a hundred countries worldwide to Chinese enterprises in order to foster networking and face-to-face communication. The event is approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and co-founded by the China Overseas Development Association.

Investment Immigration Summit Mumbai

February 2020

Mumbai, India

This first annual Investment Immigration Summit Mumbai aims to gather leaders in government and the immigration industry, to compare experiences and explore the new and emerging opportunities for India’s HNWI to invest and migrate through the world’s top programmes.

Investment Immigration Summit MENA

February 2020

Dubai, UAE 

The sixth annual Investment Immigration Summit MENA brings together government officials and immigration industry specialists, to exchange ideas and explore the new and emerging opportunities for MENA’s HNWI to invest and migrate through the world’s top citizenship by investment programmes.