Top Hybrid Warfare Conferences in 2019 and 2020

A list of the top hybrid warfare / counterinsurgency conferences in 2019 and 2020
June 6, 2019
June 6, 2019

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Conference

June 18 2019

London, UK

The Tackling Extremism and Radicalization offers access to the latest practical insights to assess how all public sector institutions can deliver effective interventions meant to successfully stem and challenge the phenomena of radicalization and extremism. Topics will range from broad public sector solutions to the examination of the role of schools and colleges, as well as methods to implement counter-extremism policing to identify and disrupt the practice, among many other topics.

Terrorism and Social Media

June 25-26 2019

Skewen, UK

The TASM aims to bring together a range of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from a number of different countries and disciplinary backgrounds. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose from a total of 24 breakout sessions, featuring 72 speakers. Day one will focus on how terrorists are using social media, while day two puts more emphasis on the different forms of response and how they play out in varied jurisdictions and cultures.

Australian Security Summit - AuSec 2019

July 9 2019

Canberra, Australia

Challenges to national security continue to evolve in efforts to destabilize the peace and safety in Australia. Ever-shifting alliances, new tactics and methods in trans-boundary criminal and terrorist operations, online and offline, and the rise of extremism across the region culminate in a complex and volatile climate. The 5th annual Australian Security Summit provides the essential dialogue to help those at the helm of Australia’s security initiatives connect and share best practices.

Defense and Intelligence Forum

July 9 2019

San Diego, California, USA

Today’s military and intelligence organizations are challenged to rapidly refocus from counter-insurgency to complex global power competitions. Advances in tech like cloud computing, AI and big data are becoming critical as support for intelligence analysis and solid decision making. The Defense and Intelligence Forum offers a glimpse at the latest advances in geographic information system technology, and an opportunity to learn how Defense and Intelligence professionals around the globe are tackling the new challenges.

International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference

July 16-18 2019

Brampton, Canada

The conference provides a rare opportunity for global experts in Cyber Security, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism, National Infrastructure, Cyber Operations Research, Law Enforcement and Legal Practitioners to offer unified ideas and best practices on cyber safety and attack prevention. The event brings speakers from government, industry and academia, each with unique perspectives from experience, expertise and natural talents in the disciplines related to the emerging cyber technologies.

Aspen Security Forum

July 17-20 2019

Aspen, Colorado, USA

Dealing with a broad range of topics from Homeland Security and Counterterrorism to Cybersecurity and Local Law Enforcement, the Aspen Security Forum offers an opportunity to hear from experts in the field. With an impressive list of speakers, from foreign ambassadors to the heads of the FBI and National Intelligence, as well as opportunities to network and connect with peers and fellow experts, the Forum stands as the premier event for contemporary issues on both a national and global scale.

Intelligence & National Security Summit

September 4-5 2019

Washington DC, USA

The summit is the premier forum for unclassified dialogue between U.S Government Intelligence Agencies and their partners in both the private and academic sectors. The program features five plenaries by senior Intelligence Community Leaders, discussing top priorities, challenges, and key threats.

Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation

September 24-26 2019

London, UK

Key NATO nations are prioritizing disruptive innovation and increasing budgets for data management and tech to transform how contemporary defence operates. The Conference will bring together senior military leaders, government officials, tech and defence industry leaders, and more. The event hopes to build on the foundations of the last years event, examining how the application of Digital Age tech transforms the delivery of ‘full spectrum effects’, aligning hard military power with the new avenues of soft power.

Global SOF Symposium

October 1-3 2019

Brussels, Belgium

The Global Special Operation Forces event, in Belgium, features an agenda that includes high-ranking speakers and extensive networking opportunities, while simultaneously offering opportunities for industry sponsorships and exhibits. In the years prior, the attendees have ranged from active duty and retired military and law enforcement, government civilians, industry and academia members, as well as NGOs.

2019 AUSA Annual Meeting

October 14-16 2019

Washington DC, USA

The Association of the US Army’s Annual Meeting is the largest landpower expo and professional development forum in North America. It’s designed to deliver the Army’s message and present a wide range of industry products and services. The meeting includes the total army – Regular Army, Guard, Reserve, civilians and family members, and is one of the key communication platforms to educate and inform on army priorities and issues impacting it today.

Coventry Counter-Terrorism Conference 2019

November 13 2019

Coventry, UK

Tackling radicalization and terrorism is a vital part of UK national security, but the methods employed to counter such threats provoke fear and suspicion among ordinary law-abiding citizens. The conference’s aim is to help young adults recognize when they’re being radicalized and how to avoid it, as well as to inform the public at large of how the process manifests itself, explained by a panel of experts.

DSEI Japan

November 18-20 2019

Tokyo, Japan

DSEI Japan is set to be the 1st fully integrated defence event to be held in Japan, marking the brand’s first event outside of London. The event will bring the global defence and security community with the Japan’s own defence community to innovate, partner, and share knowledge.

Social Media in the Defence and Military Sector

November 20-21 2019

London, UK

Social Media has become a vital tool for Armed Forces in the 21st century. Not only for the purposes of reaching out to a wider and younger audience for recruitment, but as a new front in warfare. This year’s conference will focus on cyber defence, operational use of social media, individual nation’ and organizations’ social media campaigns, open-source intelligence gather, and much more.

Modern Warfare Symposium & Expo

November 21-22 2019

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

The purpose of the Modern Warfare Symposium & Expo is to convene subject matter experts, SOF, conventional units, and academics in order to both educate and connect though discussion about the future and prospects of modern warfare from a SOF perspective.

European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference

November 26-29 2019

Oulu, Finland

The EISIC presents the best of current Intelligence and Security Informatics research and practice, placing emphasis on development, use and evaluation of advanced information technologies. Topics include Web-based intelligence monitoring, mining and analysis, cybercrime detection, lone wolf terrorism, organized crime and related analytical methods, and many more.


December 2-4 2019

Bogota, Colombia

EXPODEFENSA 2019 is the international exhibition and point of reference for Latin America in terms of technological development and innovation for Defense and Security Forces (Air, Land and Naval domains).

Emerging Techniques Forum

December 4-5 2019

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The Military Operations Research Society is hosting its Emerging Techniques Forum, bringing together experts and leaders from the industry, as well as a variety of professionals and speakers from the sector. The forum will focus on unclassified technical presentations by leading minds in the field.

ADECS - Asia Defense Expo and Conference Series

February 4-5 2020


Coming back to Singapore for its fourth outing, ADECS is the leading defence event focused specifically on trends and opportunities within the Asia-Pacific Region, across three specialist sectors. Providing the connection between key local government officials and the wider defence community, it aims to introduce visitors to the latest technology and systems.

CTX Counter Terror Expo

May 19-21 2020

London, UK

The UK’s leading national security event, the expo tackles key issues of the modern security and policing field. Topics of note include cyber security, border security, offender management strategies, major event security, policing and counter-terrorism practices, as well as CNI protection.