Top Gambling Trade Shows and Conferences in late 2019 and 2020

The top gambling conferences of late 2019 and 2020
September 9, 2019
September 10, 2019

Betting on Sports 2019

September 17 - 20 2019

London, UK
Based in London for this year’s outing, but with a global scope, this year’s event boasts over 30 leading speakers from the industry, as well as related fields such as law and organization experts. Focusing on new US regulation, the impact of tech and establishing connections in the industry, Betting on Sports 2019 is poised to be one of the year’s capital events.

Joint European Lotteries (EL)/ World Lottery Association (WLA) CSR Responsible Gaming Seminar 2019

September 18 - 20 2019

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Operating from the principle that lotteries should both operate responsibly as well as meet their commercial objectives, the seminar aims to educate and equip those attending with guidance and contacts to help develop their local programs. The seminar will be of particular experts to those in corporate affairs, public relations, and corporate communications activities.

Business of Gaming (BOG) Forum 2019

September 23 2019

Midrand, South Africa

The BOG Forum of 2019 intends to serve as a gathering point for opportunities and pillars of the gaming industry in South Africa, showcasing the work of leading experts and pioneers in the field. For those involved in the various enterprises of the industry, the event offers networking opportunities with not just industry heavyweights, but marketers, investors, and others looking to explore the business potential of gaming. 

Gaming, Entertainment & Tourism Summit (GETS) 2019

September 23 - 25 2019
Bhairahawa, Nepal

Set to cater to the adventurous and entertainment-minded, the GETS brings out the best Nepal has to offer. With the stated goal of broadening Nepal’s virtually untapped tourism industry by way of the gaming and entertainment sectors, the summit brings together leaders in tourism, gaming and regulation, and pits them against thought-provoking topics and challenges.

Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference (CEEGC) and Awards 2019

September 24 2019

Budapest, Hungary

Blending networking with an award ceremony, the CEEGC offers everything from panel discussions to tech workshops to industry standard networking events, capping it all off with the prestigious CEEG awards. Tackling such topics as the Balkan and Eastern European markets, the dichotomy of compliance and innovation, and many more, the CEEGC stands as a capital event.

MannBenham Online Gaming Conference

September 24 2019

Isle of Man

Focusing on sector awareness, compliance, internal process and responsible gaming, the MannBenham advisory conference is free to attend, but potentially costly to miss. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, working both inland and offshore, MannBenham eGaming has established a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of multi-jurisdictional regulatory advice and eGaming services in the sector.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements Malta – Aml, Rg And Blockchain Developments

September 25 - 26 2019

Sliema, Malta

With Malta’s gambling regulatory framework having underwent an overhaul a year ago, the island is still a hotbed of innovation, particularly in gaming tech development. The event is vital for any gaming business or support service provider looking to establish themselves in Malta, providing insight into the regulatory framework, best practices and opportunities that can be capitalized upon.

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2019

September 26 2019

Kiev, Ukraine

The Kiev iGaming Affiliate Conference returns in September, bringing more case studies, more practical presentations, and more topics of discussion such as legislation, social networks, traffic arbitrage, content development strategies and many others. The event brings together managers of iGaming companies, webmasters, SEO specialists and representatives of affiliate networks, ensuring a rich spectrum of experts and opinions at the conference.

India Affiliate Summit 2019

September 26 - 27 2019

Gurugram, India

Conceptualized back in 2015, the India Affiliate Summit by this point has years of experience serving as the premier meeting point for experts in the affiliate marketing space. 2019’s focus on the power of alliances aims to chart out the blueprint of the future of affiliate marketing – the core of which is performance-based partnership. The Summit offers a day of inspiration, new ideas, challenging presentation, and the sharing of both business cards and future goals.

International Association of Gaming Regulators Annual Conference

September 30 - October 3 2019

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Following a successful outing in Copenhagen in 2018, the IAGR will be holding the next annual conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This year focuses on how regulators can foster and implement a secure, innovative, responsible and vibrant industry. The conference will gather senior international gambling regulatory leaders and industry stakeholders to connect, share knowledge, and hear from leading experts about known and emerging issues and trends.

Affiliate Summit APAC 2019

October 1 - 2 2019


Much like its sister summit, the Asia Pacific Affiliate Summit by this point has years of experience serving as the premier meeting point for experts in the affiliate marketing space. 

Topics will include influencer marketing, fraud prevention, mobile apps and tech, publisher discovery, and many more.

ICE Africa

October 2 - 3 2019

Sandton, South Africa

The only free Pan-African event focused on gaming business growth and building relationships in-industry. With panels and speakers selected from the African and international B2B gaming industry leaders, the ICE Africa event is an opportunity to learn, improve and experience among peers and decision makers in a unique environment.

KPMG Isle of Man eGaming Summit

October 3 2019

Isle of Man

With the Isle of Man recognized as one of the most dynamic and reputable jurisdictions in the eGaming industry, and its ICT infrastructure cited as world-class, the KPMG Isle of Man eGaming Summit serves as a starting point and network for eGaming businesses and entrepreneurs. With decision makers on both the industry and government present, the event is a premier opportunity to dive into the Isle of Man eGaming market.

Sustainable Gambling Conference

October 8 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

The idea behind the Sustainable Gambling Conference is a simple one – connect the brightest minds across the industry to discuss how we can cooperate towards a sustainable gambling industry. This year’s event brings leading academics, researchers, psychologists, regulators and more under one roof to dissect the topics of responsible gaming and customer communication.

Global Gaming Expo

October 14 - 17 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America – the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) offers fast-paced, actionable experience and content, as well as a look at new products and innovative technologies designed to impact the industry. With exhibits ranging from traditional casino fare to non-gaming amenities and digital product, G2E aims to show it all.

iGB Affiliate Lisbon 2019

October 16 - 19 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

Being an affiliate is not easy – reaching out and connecting even less so. The iGB Affiliate Lisbon event is designed to help ameliorate those troubles, offering opportunity to meet Global and European programs. With 12 months of preparation, the event boasts the largest gathering of affiliates, operators and experts in one place, all united in the goal of connecting and sharing opportunities.

Asia Pacific Lottery Association Regional Conference

October 14 - 18 2019

Brisbane, Australia

The APLA Regional Conference is a forum meant to promote and encourage professional exchange of experience and information, as well as discuss lottery related issues.

With the adoption of Responsible Gaming Principles and a Responsible Gaming Framework aimed at protecting lottery players worldwide, the even ensures that not only is the public protected, but that revenue is sustained for the public good.

Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference

October 18 2019

Tbilisi, Georgia

The Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference aims to approach key topics in online and offline gambling, their marketing peculiarities and prospects from a practical angle. Presentations at the conference will cover everything from the ground rules of establishing and running online and offline casinos in Georgia, to selection of tools, to the usage of analytics to help grow capital in a relatively untapped market.

Responsibility in Gaming Europe

October 23 - 24 2019

Bruxelles, Belgium

While theory and insight regarding problem gambling and its prevalence is vital, the Responsibility in Gaming Europe Conference focuses on specific actions stakeholders and regulators can undertake in order to curb its occurrence, as well as create an effective and workable responsible gaming policy. We know the theory, now we need to know the practice.

PGRI Lottery Expo 

October 28 - 30 2019

New York City, New York, USA

The PGRI Lottery Expo, in addition to offering access to high-quality panels, speakers and networking opportunities, makes a statement by partnering with the Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership, offering a fresh perspective to the lottery industry, presenting experts and leaders that aren’t found in the spotlight as often.

Sports Betting USA Investment & Regulation Forum

November 5 - 6 2019

New York City, New York, USA

The one event that puts sports betting, media and investment at the forefront – all the while giving access to the speakers that matter, the ones shaping the industry. In a time where the industry calendar grows ever busier, the Sports Betting USA aims to be the one event that offers the chance to rub shoulders with senior level peers.

TribalNET Conference & Tradeshow

November 11 - 14 2019

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the TribalNET Conference and Tradeshow offers a way to connect with tribal business leaders and decision makers. As an event with two decades of reputation to uphold, the Conference offers only the best in connection opportunities, access to technology and best practices, and speakers.

Responsible Marketing For Gambling Operators 2019

November 13 2019

London, UK

In its second year, the Responsible Marketing for Gambling Operators conference is designed to provide tools needed to understand the changing regulatory landscape around promotions, avoid costly regulatory action, and develop strategies that will attract new players in a responsible, sustainable manner. The event will also take the time to look back and reflect on the road that led to the market’s current state, and examine lessons learned.

G-Star 2019

November 13 - 17 2019

Seoul, South Korea

In perhaps the world’s capital of digital entertainment, the Korean G-Star 2019 event gathers all the disparate elements of the gaming and entertainment industries below one roof. With options ranging from esports and game awards to cutting-edge tech demonstrations and networking opportunities, the G-Star event covers all its bases and then some.

Cutting Edge Table Games Conference

November 18 - 20 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Catering to the discerning executive, and aware that the state of the table game business is ever-changing, the Cutting Edge Table Games Conference offers a fresh look at many of the industry’s issues. Attention is given to new and productive ways of building profits, protecting your bottom line and your players, as well as the latest in tech, promotional tactics and marketing.

La Fleur’s 2019 Austin conference

November 18 - 21 2019

Austin, Texas, USA

Intent on bringing together provider and customer, the La Fleur’s 2019 Austin Conference knows that one of the most important channels is the sales transaction. Thus, the conference is an opportunity to familiarize oneself with how lotteries are embracing new tech, switching to digital programs, and experimenting in marketing. In addition, the agenda features discussions on multi-jurisdictional instant and draw games, family and holiday scratchers, and new draw games.

Eastern European Gaming Summit

November 19 - 20 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria

An annual gaming conference that calls together experts from both land-based and online gaming, as well as the leisure and tourism sectors, the Eastern European Gaming Summit is a unique opportunity to share and receive information, experience and ideas. With 200+ representatives from 22 countries, the conference is the right place for everyone looking to improve their competence and stay in the loop about Eastern European opportunities and challenges.

Balkans Gaming Expo

November 20 - 21 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria

Operating for two days in a highly professional environment, with professionals from not only the industry, but entrepreneurship, the media and the NGO sector, the Conference takes a close look at the state of affairs in the Balkans Gaming area, showcasing products and ideas from leading companies in the market.


November 20 - 22 2019

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The SAGSE has traditionally followed the general change in Argentine policy, promoting greater trade flexibility and policy that favors opening up to international transactions. As the region adapts to new technologies, so does SAGSE, therefore remaining as the most important gaming community in Latin America.

AGE Vietnam 2019

November 21 - 22 2019

​Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 

A symbol of the spreading of the gaming industry not only on land-based channels but also online, AGE Vietnam provides a unique opportunity through a conference and exhibition, promoting education about the subject of gaming, fostering interaction and the exchange of ideas among people in the industry, all the while keeping in mind that it’s not the quantity of the presenters and audience, but the quality that matters.

2019 NYCPG Annual Conference on Problem Gambling

November 21 - 22 2019

Albany, New York, USA

Year in and year out, the New York Council on Problem Gambling brings together researchers, legislators, counselors and other problem gambling experts from around the world, hoping to increase the knowledge and competence of NYS professionals and bring focus to this treatable disorder. Event topics will focus on prevention, treatment and recovery, and diversified training and information panels will be made available to all visitors.

SiGMA’19 Europe

November 27 - 29 2019

Msida, Malta

Over the last five years, the SiGMA conference has only grown. Now a leader in the iGaming industry, it offers the opportunity to network with top decision makers, deal with major brands, engage leading supplier, and get support from affiliates that make the difference. Positioned at the cutting edge of this very competitive industry, the summit has become the definitive iGaming showcase, operating on both a European and world stage.

National Association for Gambling Studies 2019 Conference

December 4 - 6 2019

Mitcham, Australia

Held in one of the tourist and cultural hotbeds in Australia, the National Association for Gambling Studies Conference went to great lengths to secure world-class keynote speakers and a cultural and business environment that embraces and encourages the free exchange of ideas.

National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) Winter Meeting 2020

January 10 - 12 2020

San Diego, California, USA
Kicking off the year in a no-nonsense gathering of committees whose expertise touches on everything from Indian gaming to lotteries to emerging gaming such as esports, the NCLGS Winter Meeting 2020 aims to set the tone for the industry for the rest of the year to follow.

EAG European Amusement & VAE Visitor Attraction Expo 2020

January 14 - 16 2020

London, UK

An opportunity to present and showcase your products and services to thousands of leading leisure industry buyers, the EAG is an invaluable resource to supplies in the entertainment, attractions and gaming industries. With representatives from some of the world’s leading tourist attractions, family resorts, amusement and leisure parks, as well as arcades, shipping centers and restaurants, there are few better places to source fresh ideas to help drive footfall to your venue.

Gaming Innovation Summit 2020

January 14 - 15 2020

Manila, Philippines

Under the endorsement of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the Gaming Innovation Summit of 2020 gathers not only locals, but senior representatives from throughout the Asian sector, with the goal of providing insight into government perspectives, cutting-edge technology applicability, and the current situation of the gaming and betting industries.

Keeping Crime out of Gambling 2020

January 22 - 23 2020

London, UK

Allowing for high-impact and up-and-coming brands to meet in one event, the Keeping Crime out of Gambling and Social Responsibility for Gaming Operators conference presents a unique opportunity to increase the presence of new brands and reinforce the position of existing industry veterans.

Affiliate Summit West

January 27 - 29 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Coming in from over 80 countries, decision-makers from among online publishers, influencers, media owners, advertisers and global brands gather at the Affiliate Summit West to make connections, share innovation and tech, and strive towards understanding how the best businesses in gaming are using their opportunities to grow and improve their bottom line.

Raving NEXT – Indian Gaming Analytics and Marketing Conference

January 28 - 30 2019

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Every year, Raving NEXT connects tribal casino decision-makers with tools and solution providers that improve the operation of their casinos. With a networking event each day, meeting your peers and industry veterans is made easy, while annual surveys given to attendees ensure that the topic presented are of high interest to event visitors.

Western Indian Gaming Conference

February 2020

Valley Center, California, USA

With a full trade show and three information-packed days of seminars, the Western Indian Gaming Conference will help shed light on topics such as tribal government, casino operations and regulatory processes and issues. All speakers are hand-selected to share relevant and informative experiences and seminars with those attending.

ICE London

February 4 - 6 2020

London, UK

Hundreds of experts, thousands of gaming professionals across all sectors of gaming, and three days of business development, learning, and celebrating the international gaming community. ICE London is a complete platform from which to drive revenue, innovations, and key in-industry relationships. As one of the largest conferences in early 2020, ICE London should be difficult to skip.

London Affiliate Conference 2020

February 5 - 8 2020

London, UK

Built from conversations had with conference visitors, the London Affiliate Conference offers engaging sessions, top-drawer speakers, and a conference line up that shouldn’t be skipped. Get the latest and best in industry news, all the while making connections with peers and industry seniors.

RES Conference

March 2 - 5 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 

A multifaceted event held by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, the RES Conference will gather tribal leaders, members of Congress, federal agency reps, state and local officials, as well as top CEO’s on a single national platform. Those who attend will benefit from high-caliber networking opportunities, business development sessions, a deep dive into the American Indian Artisan Market, and much more.

Enada Primavera

March 11 - 13 2020

Rimini, Italy

A central pillar of the Southern European gaming sector, the Enada Primavera is a fundamental occasion for business, solution exchanging, keeping up to date with recent gaming industry regulation and events, as well as keeping on top of innovative solutions and technology that will impact the industry.

World Game Protection Conference 2020

March 23 - 26 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Providing an opportunity to catch up with old contacts and meet some new ones among industry leaders, this conference tackles contemporary problems in the industry, including fraud prevention, video forensics, and protection from the relatively new threat of mass shootings.

Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention

March 24 -  27 2020

San Diego, California, USA

One of the longest running gaming tradeshows in history, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention delivers no-nonsense insight and strategies to rise to the top of the competitive gaming industry landscape. Whether it’s meeting industry leaders, accessing cutting edge trends, or merely celebrating how far the industry has come, the event offers opportunity for everyone.

Betting On Sports America

April 28 - 30 2020

Secaucus, New Jersey, USA

With 200 leading industry speakers and a massive exhibition floor ready to accommodate around 60 exhibitors, the Betting on Sports America conference aims for the very best in networking and business education opportunities. Brought by the Sports Betting Community, the entity behind the largest B2B media network in the industry, the event strives to show only the best in the industry.

ICE North America

May 13 - 15 2020

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Moving to North American shores, the international ICE brand hosts dedicated exhibitions and conferences for sports betting, esports, interactive gaming, iLottery and affiliate marketing professionals. With an entire floor of product and service solutions to explore, surrounded by peers and experts, the event offers most everything necessary for expanding and building one’s professional network.

G2E Asia

May 19 - 21 2020


The equivalent of the G2E expo in america, the G2E Asia is a hub of gaming and entertainment business. It stands as a one-stop platform for industry professionals to network, source products and ideas, as well as gain further insight into new trends and problems in the industry.

NCAI Mid Year Conference & Marketplace

June 2020

Reno, Nevada, USA

Hosted by the National Congress of American Indians, this event offers a unique perspective toward typical industry issues, offering insight into the unique challenges of native ethnic groups, as well as their unique position in the gaming and gaming regulation environment, and the actions and methodologies put into practice to leverage it.

SiGMA Manila

June 8 - 9 2019

Manila, Philippines

For its first outing in Manila, the event will be SiGMA’s largest venue to date, basing itself on the sister expo of SiGMA Malta. With hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees expected, it will be two days of conferences, workshops and premier networking events, including a bigtime closing night – all with the aim of establishing this event as another staple of the global iGaming calendar.

The Canadian Gaming Summit 2019

June 15 - 17 2020

Edmonton, Canada

The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) launched a new program and networking opportunity in Edmonton – the CGA Academy. Focused on learning, development and training through the introduction of new ideas and technology. The Summit builds on these elements, focusing on quality over quantity, presenting everything in a large interactive space that fosters communication and networking.

International Gambling Conference

June 24 - 26 2020

Auckland, New Zealand

The forefront of changes in the gambling landscape, and a conference that features compelling workshops and international keynotes, the International Gambling Conference is one of the leading conferences on harmful gambling. The stated goal is enhancing skills, as well as sharing the latest research and treatment techniques, all the while receiving zero funding from the gambling industry.

World Gaming Executive Summit

June 30 - July 2 2020

Barcelona, Spain

The World Gaming Executive Summit is one of the most exclusive and influential conferences in the current gaming industry. The year’s agenda will touch on subjects of AI, the future of land-based gaming, sustainable marketing, keeping pace with regulation, fantasy sports, emerging marketing opportunities, and much, much more.

Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

July 14 - 16 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Now in its 16th year, the Casino Marketing and Technology Conference is the gaming industry’s capital marketing education event, covering both traditional and digital marketing in respect to topics such as advertisement and promotions, social media, data analytics, and more. The event also recognizes excellence, and will host the Romeros and the Casino Marketing Lifetime achievement award ceremonies.

iGB Live

July 14 - 17 2020

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The iGB Live! Exhibition offers access to opportunities and contacts from throughout the igaming industry’s upper reaches. With expert-curated conference sessions, the event promises insights and information that can put one ahead of the competition in an ever more competitive market, as well as contacts that will make a difference in your business.

Affiliate Summit East

July 26 - 28 2020

New York City, New York, USA

Set to repeat the experience from last year, the Affiliate Summit East of 2020 will once again bring thousands of digital marketers, online publishers, influencers, traffic sources, media owners, tech firms and others, intent on exploring solutions and building face to face relationships. Generate leads, build brand awareness and market position at this capital event in NYC.