Top Drone Conferences in Late 2019 and Early 2020

Learn about the top drone conferences in Q3 and Q4 2019, as well as in Q1 2020
August 3, 2019
August 3, 2019

UAS Summit & Expo

August 27-28 2019

Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

While it began as a small gathering of regional stakeholders in the ‘Silicon Valley of Drones’, now, 13 years later, the UAS Summit and Expo has become a major yearly event for UAS experts around the world. Each year, the event unites industry thought leaders, policymakers, and high-impact end-users.

InterDrone Las Vegas

September 3-6 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Boasting the best and largest commercial drone training program in the industry, InterDrone splits its focus on six specialized enterprise tracks: Construction & Mining, Precision Agriculture, Surveillance, Energy Inspection, Infrastructure Inspection, and Public Safety. Builders, engineers, developers, and enthusiasts can all find something at the InterDrone conference.

FAI International Drone Conference and Expo

September 13-15 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland

Attracting expert speakers from around the world, the conference is a unique event, offering a platform for organizations, businesses and individuals to connect and learn. This year’s attendance is expected to reach nearly 30,000 visitors, and the topics will range from drone sports to urban air mobility to U-space changes.

European Drone Summit

September 18-19 2019

Stuttgart, Germany 

The European Drone Summit is an international conference, meant to allow the European drone industry to explore strategies for more efficient use of UAS. Bringing figures from politics, law-making, research, industry and business, the platform will discuss topics such as safety and security using UAS and counter drone system, integrating UAS into airspace, UAS-backed emergency response, and many others.

Robotics Technology Exhibition

September 18-20 2019

Nagoya, Japan

The newer of the RoboDEX exhibitions, held in Nagoya, the Robot Development and Application Expo brings dozens of companies, leaders from fields ranging from automobiles to entertainment and beyond, with the goal of sharing and developing knowledge and application of modern robotics technology.

DJI Airworks 2019

September 24-26 2019

Los Angeles, California, USA

DJI’s efforts to drive the commercial drone industry forward have resulted in the annual AirWorks conference, which serves as a hub for innovation and growth, enabling attendants to exchange ideas, master drone technology, and steer the future development of the industry, along with hundreds of drone professionals, tech experts and policymakers.

World of Drones Congress

September 26-27 2019

Queensland, Australia

This year’s World of Drones Congress will feature a fascinating array of over 30 exhibitors from Australia, China and Japan. Topic will include drones in space, autonomous transport, drones in disaster relief and humanitarian response, and many others.

UAV Technology

September 30 - October 1 2019

London, UK

UAS now more than ever play a key role as a tactical and operational tool in the joint operational environment. The conference will examine the latest in tech trends, strategies and developments within UAS capability development and acquisition, all while bringing together a community of experts, planners, program managers and operational personnel to share information and build relationships.

Vietnam People’s Air Force Air Power Conference

October 2-4 2019

Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnam People’s Air Force is modernizing, acquiring modern combat aircraft, but their older models are approaching the end of their service life. Thus, the service is looking to expand its airlift and maritime control capabilities. The Conference will engage with topics like unmanned aerial vehicles, future air combat platforms, and sustainable maritime patrol and surveillance.

5th Airborne ISR conference

October 23-24 2019

London, UK

Airborne ISR is an important conference for national air capabilities. This conference will showcase many new manned and unmanned technologies for use by national militaries.

Commercial UAV Expo

October 28-30 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The annual Commercial UAV Expo gathers thousands of drone professionals. With an unparalleled exhibit floor full of the highest precision UAS technology, and top-notch access to education, the expo offers options for all to keep up-to-date with new trends, tech, and developments.

The Commercial UAV Show

November 12-13 2019

London, UK

The Show offers a wide range of outstanding opportunities for manufacturers and solution providers. The gathering will feature industry leaders who will share their views and expertise on key topics like innovative aircraft design, new regulations, counter-drone tech, AI, and many others.

Shanghai International Aerospace Technology And Equipment Exhibition

November 15-17 2019

Shanghai, China 

Dealing with civil, commercial and general aviation, as well as related enterprises and industries, the every gathers leaders from nearly forty countries and from regions all over the world. The exhibits comprehensively involve aircraft (civil, corporate, UAV, helicopters, light craft, etc.), aerospace engine design and manufacturing, aerospace electronics and airborne equipment.

7th European Congress & Business Expo on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

November 18-19 2019

London, UK 

Hosted for the 7th time, with this year’s theme being the inculcation of learning, knowledge, wisdom and intelligence by providing a conductive environment. The presenters are academic leaders from universities from China, Jordan, Brazil and the US.

Amsterdam Drone Week

December 2-6 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Drone Week is a global-scale platform for sharing knowledge and information on current air solutions, potential innovations and vital regulations. It’s a top-level meeting place where all key players, big and small, commercial and non-commercial can gather to share ideas and cooperate.

Gulf Defense & Aerospace - Kuwait

December 10-12  2019

Kuwait City, Kuwait

The fifth outing of the international tri-service defense Exhibition and Conference, dedicated to Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security and the Safety and Security field, the conference has a tradition of gathering leaders and decision-makers in the regional industry, and encouraging those gathered to cooperate and exchange ideas.

Aerospace Europe Conference – AEC2020

February 25-28 2020

Bordeaux, France

Established with the aim of paving the way for a single European aerospace conference, the AEC2020 conference brings together scientists and engineers from industry, government and academia to share knowledge and the results of current studies, as well as to discuss directions for future work in the fields of aeronautics and space.

4th International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

March 23-25 2020

Nagoya, Japan

Growing in popularity with academia, industry and research institutes, the conference helps experts disseminate their findings to an erudite peer group. The conference strives to cater equally to new researchers, junior scientists, as well as experienced academics and industrialists in the fields of aerospace and mechatronic engineering.