Top Business Intelligence Conferences in 2019 and 2020

A recap of the top business intelligence conferences in 2019 and 2020.
May 26, 2019
August 19, 2019

MarketsandMarkets Competitive and Market Intelligence Summit

June 13-14 2019

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The MarketsandMarkets Competitive and Market Intelligence Summit is a market intelligence conference in Chicago. It will feature speakers from companies such as IBM, Lockheed Martin, DOW Chemical Company, CVS, Roche, and many other companies.

CiMiCon Evolution

July 1-2 2019

Berlin, Germany

CiMi Brands itself as Europe’s flagship event for corporate Intelligence and Insights professionals. The event will feature more than 200 delegates and 45 speakers from companies such as Mastercard, IBM, Nissan, Hitachi, or Schneider Electric.

Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation

July 5-7 2019

Rhodes, Greece

CRESSE Conferences deal with Competition and/or Sectoral Regulation issues with emphasis on the policy relevance of recent research. The objective is to give the opportunity for high quality research papers to be presented and discussed in detail. A second objective is to provide a forum for academic economists, legal experts, policy makers and practitioners to meet and exchange ideas in panels that discuss important topical policy issues.

TDWI San Diego

August 18-23 2019

San Diego, California, USA

TDWI is a leading conference organizer in the field of data analytics and business intelligence. TDWI San Diego presents an opportunity for professional training and workshops.

BA Convention

August 21-23 2019

Bengaluru, India

Technology has always been a helping hand for industry leaders in reducing the cost and complexity, making improved products and develop a new business model. But the current wave of industry disruption is loaded with terms such as IoT, agile, CX, robotic process automation, AR/VR, blockchain, mobility, machine learning, connected devices, and digital ecosystems that possess new opportunities as well as challenges for a practitioner to prepare themselves for the digital age. BA Convention 2019 will have industry leaders to talk about these disruptive technologies and how one can solve complex business problems with the help of these technologies.

BA Summit South Africa

September 16-18 2019
Cape Town, South Africa

Business Analysis Summit 2019 will allow professionals to discover new tools and techniques to improve their business analysis. The conference will feature South Africa’s most prominent business leaders and analysts.

Business Analysis Conference Europe

September 23-25 2019

London, UK

The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2019 will provide a networking opportunity for business analysts from across Europe and beyond. The conference provides an interactive forum where  practitioners of business analysis can meet, discuss and debate how best to rise to the challenges faced by their organisations today and in the future. In 2018, conference attendees had the opportunity to network with and learn from over 550 fellow Business Analysis Practitioners. Case Studies and Contributors Include: Bank of England, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Aviva, Capita, Aldermore, Financial Times, Warner Bros, Virgin Media, Volkswagen Financial Services, Rightmove, and more.

Thinkers50 European Business Forum

September 25-26 2019

Odense, Denmark

The Thinkers50 European Business Forum brings together leading managers and the world’s best business professors to discuss effective management tools and new business solutions. In terms of business thinking, leadership and innovation, Asia has become the most inspiring place in the world. Once impoverished, India and China are now two of the world’s largest economies with plenty of successful business stories.

World Data Summit

October 2-4 2019

Barcelona, Spain

The World Data Summit will explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile, social and the Internet of Things (IoT) will change the data industry. The summit, which is organized by GIA, will gather professionals from a wide variety of industries including the Chemical, Energy, Engineering, Manufacturing, Software, IT, Transportation, Retail, Telecoms, and Finance industries.

Competitive Marketing Summit

October 7-9 2019

Denver, Colorado, USA

The Competitive Marketing Summit is a B2B marketing conference focused exclusively on empowering high-tech competitive marketing, product marketing and product management professionals. Topics will include Product Marketing, Industry Marketing, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing Strategy, Product Management, Field Sales, Inside Sales, Lead Development, and Business Development.

Web Intelligence Greece

October 14-17 2019

Thessaloniki, Greece

Web Intelligence (WI) aims to achieve a multi-disciplinary balance between research advances in the fields of collective intelligence, data science, human-centric computing, knowledge management, and network science. It is committed to addressing research that deepens the understanding of computational, logical, cognitive, physical as well as business and social foundations of the future Web, and enables the development and application of intelligent technologies. WI’19 features high-quality, original research papers and real-world applications in all theoretical and technological areas that make up the field of WI.

QUAL360 APAC 2019

October 16-17 2019


Qual360 organizes qualitative research conferences across Europe and Asia. QUAL360’s APAC conference will feature an agenda covering all aspects of qualitative research. Previous participants have included companies such as Citibank, Lego, l’Oreal, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Amazon, Uber, and many more.

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Management Summit

October 19-20 2019

Berlin, Germany

The Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Management Summit is organized by Vonlanthen Group and will feature presentations about Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Data Management. It will attract CEOs, Presidents, CDOs, CAOs, Chief Executives, Directors, Vice Presidents, Department Heads, Leaders and Managers specializing in data and data-related fields.

IA Corporate Researchers Conference

October 22-24 2019

Orlando, Florida, USA

CRC is for marketing researchers, data analysts and consumer insights professionals. CRC continues to grow and secure its position as the conference for Corporate Researchers. Last year, this event attracted a record number of researchers from companies throughout the insights and data analytics spectrum, including leading brands in CPG, hospitality, pharma, finance, media and many other industries.

Research & Results Munich

October 23-24 2019

Munich, Germany

Research & Results is a forum for the market research industry in Germany, consisting of an exhibition and congress with congress party. Among the exhibitors are market and opinion researchers, field organizations, test studios, software vendors, data collection and analysis services as well as market research consultants. Visitors use the fair to learn about market research and establish and maintain contacts. In various workshops exhibitors present their research topics and offers.


November 5-7 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TMRE brands itself as “The Annual Meeting Place For Career Market Research & Insights Professionals.” TMRE has previously attracted companies such as Marriott, Procter and Gamble, the London School of Business, VISA, PepsiCo, Viacom, and many more.


November 7-8 2019

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

CiMi is one of the world’s foremost business intelligence conferences. The event will feature delegates from NASA, DELL, Audible, CBS, Paypal, and many other organizations. Topics discussed will include machine learning, big data, transparency, and market research.

International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Data Science

November 11-12 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Data Science is organized by the Coalesce Research Group. It will provide an international forum for the presentation of original research results, as well as exchange and dissemination of innovative, practical development experiences for academics and data scientists.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Conference Europe

November 18-22 2019

London, UK

The Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference Europe is an academic workshop for data mining researchers. The workshop will feature 30 sessions, each of which explores a real case study.

DIY Market Research Conference

December 2-3 2019

New York City, New York, USA

The DIY Market Research Conference exists to help teach DIY MR solutions, methodologies, techniques and best practices for extending limited resources and budgets. The conference will feature presenters from a wide variety of companies ranging from Verizon to Navy Federal Credit Union.

BAistanbul Conference

December 3 2019

Istanbul, Turkey

BAistanbul is the first and only International Business Analysis Conference in Turkey & South East Europe. It will feature speakers from Rockstar, IIBA, and Voltage Control. In 2018, the conference attracted many speakers from prominent companies and more than 150 delegates.

DataCon Africa 2020

March 12-13 2020

Cape Town, South Africa

DataCon Africa brings together international and local industry experts from various industries discuss challenges within data governance such as data remediation, enrichment, breaking down the silos, data security and more. Culture Change and Change Management has become of  the utmost importance as organisations are looking to become data-driven before they are left behind and DataCon Africa will host workshops on these subjects.

Business Analytics Conference

April 22 2020

Frankfurt, Germany

This conference is an opportunity for business intelligence professionals to exchange thoughts and ideas. Topics discussed will include artificial intelligence, data quality, people driven data culture, and security / privacy. This conference is organized by Management Events, an international business matchmaking service.

Competitive and Market Intelligence International Conference

May 11-14 2020

Bad Nauheim, Germany

The Competitive and Market Intelligence International Conference is a business intelligence conference featuring 7 different session formats: Practitioner Case Studies, where a specific challenge is described and its solutions are brought forward by experts; Impulse Speeches, which involve audience participation in an interactive dialog about the topic; Best Practice Lessons, where presenters describe methods and skills using practical examples and provide best practices checklists; Expert Talks, where guests can hear the opinions of experts on various topics; Interact Challenge Inspire Talks, where anyone attending the conference can propose a topic; Challenge “CI Centre Implementation,” were small teams of 4 participants design a real implementation case to receive guidance and feedback, and the Scientific track, which focuses on current research.