Top Anti Fraud and Anti Money Laundering Conferences of 2019

The top anti money laundering, anti fraud, and anti-financial crime conferences of late 2019
May 30, 2019
May 31, 2019

13th International Conference on Anti-Corruption – London 2019

June 18-19 2019

London, UK

Going on for 13 successful years, C5’s International Conference on Anti-Corruption stands in the market as the Leading European Event on Legal and Regulatory Compliance issues. Gathering Senior Government Officials and Corporate Compliance Decision-Makers, the event gathers a truly international and cross-industry community of professionals to network, benchmark and exchange innovative techniques to control corruption risks and respond effectively when problems are identified.

ACFE Global Fraud Conference

June 23-28 2019

Austin, Texas, USA

Gathering over 3,000 anti-fraud professionals in Austin, Texas, the annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference aims to step up fraud-fighting skills and stand out from the competition. The wide range of topics touches on nearly every facet of occupational fraud – from contract fraud to cross-border investigations to the Paradise Papers, with sessions for all levels of experience. The host, The ACFE, is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization, and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education.

17th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

June 25-26 2019

Paris, France

Presented by The International Bar Association’s Anti-Corruption Committee, and supported by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the conference will deal with such topics as Whistleblower Protection, Unexplained Wealth Orders, Due Process and Procedural Fairness for individuals, as well as examining those same topics from a more practical-minded standpoint.

FraudCON 3.0

June 27 2019

Tel Aviv, Israel

FraudCON returns for its third outing, and this year’s iteration aims to shine a spotlight on the people in the Fraud-Fighting Game, honoring those, local and global, who contributed to the art, science and culture of online fraud detection. The selection of colorful topics will include a deep-dive expert panel on the latest in UK Banking frauds, trends in eComm and Gaming, the craft of a cyber detective as well as a live-action game involving crypto-currency.

Conference on Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policies

July 4-5 2019

Kiev, Ukraine

The conference brings together academics and policy-makers working on corruption and anti-corruption policies, with the intent of discussing the recent research on such policies worldwide, exchanging experience in anti-corruption in both advanced economies and emerging markets, and examining lessons learned from fighting corruption in post-communist countries.

Bribery and Corruption Conference: Modern Approaches to an Eternal Problem

July 9-12 2019

Brisbane, Australia

The International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law Conference aims to tackle the eternal issues of bribery and corruption. Special focus will be given to the problem’s scope, corruption prevention, risk management, investigation and law enforcement strategies, legislative reform and policies, international responses and evidentiary issues. The Conference draws numerous esteemed speakers from around the world.

2019 Mid-Atlantic Anti-Money Laundering Conference

July 23-25 2019

Arlington, Virginia, USA

The MAAML Conference brings together law enforcement, regulatory and private-sector anti-money laundering compliance professionals to share the latest trends observed in illicit finance and money laundering cases. The Conference will focus on current trends, successful investigation, and lessons learned. Additionally, the conference provides an opportunity for law enforcement and industry partners to network and establish working relationships with the aim of helping enhance criminal investigations and mitigate vulnerabilities in the financial sector.

Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

July 29-31 2019

Washington DC, USA

The Whistleblower Summit recognizes that cinema is a powerful medium for highlighting civil and human rights violations across the globe. Hosted by the Coalition for Change, the assembly of whistleblowers, originally known as Washington Whistleblower’s Week, invites all whistleblowers and their advocates. Film topics will include whistleblowers, corruption, and white collar crime.

3rd ATAF High-Level Tax Policy Dialogue

July 31 – August 1 2019

Harare, Zimbabwe

Many African countries struggle with tax challenges as their economies proceed on the road to digitalization – it’s difficult to establish taxing rights over the profits of multinational enterprises active on their territory with a limited physical presence. The discussion will examine such topics as e-commerce, the role of cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, in tax avoidance, and the difficulties of taxing the consummation of services when human activity challenges laws based on geographic boundaries.

Global Risk Leadership Conference - Asia Pacific

August 5-8 2019

New Delhi, India

The Mastercard Global Risk Leadership Conference Series offers a thought-provoking and informative forum to learn about the latest tools and techniques for minimizing fraud risk and maximizing profitability. It offers the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share best practices with future partners and industry peers, tackling topics from industry standards to tech to the importance of building trust.

Whistleblowing – Transparency, Culture and Compliance

August 7 2019

Brisbane, Australia

The 2nd Annual Whistleblowing Conference in Brisbane will unwrap the Final Report from Australia’s world-leading ‘Whistling While They Work 2’ research project, which highlights the most important things whistleblowing policy should focus on. The Conference is an opportunity to learn from leading research on what works in whistleblower protection and support, and hear from regulators, legal and compliance professionals, on what new policy will require going forward.

12th Annual Las Vegas Anti Money Laundering Conference

August 12-15  2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

With panels delivered by experts and leaders in both industry and government, the Las Vegas Anti Money Laundering Conference offers commentary on Anti Money Laundering topics ranging from the Casino Industry to Cryptocurrency and Cyber Security, all the way to systems and methods for reporting suspicious activity.

2019 IAFCI Annual Training Conference

August 26-30 2019

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

The five-day conference offers the best on preventative methods, investigative tools, techniques, trends and understanding of schemes and detection in today’s financial industry of fraud. Formatted as a self-directed learning environment, the conference offers the opportunity to network with financial experts and leaders from across the globe. Program highlights topics like Cyber Fraud, Organized Retail Crime, Global Organized Crime, Mortgage Fraud, and many others.

Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime: Fighting Economic Crime – A Shared Responsibility

September 1-8  2019

Cambridge, UK

Organized by some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions, and with the involvement of numerous governmental agencies, the judiciary, the professions, compliance bodies, and members of the business world, the Symposium provides a forum for the practical analysis and discussion of the threats posed by criminal and subversive activity.

IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo on Insurance Fraud

September 8-11 2019

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Already 35 years in the running, the seminar brings together the world’s leading SIU professionals, leaders in detecting, investigating and deterring insurance fraud. The largest seminar in the field, it will focus on themes such as auto issues, property issues, medical fraud, major case/ring investigations, technology, worker compensation and international issues.

5th Annual ATRN Congress

September 9-11 2019

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The African Tax Research Networks (ATRN), hosted by the African Tax Administration Forum, serves as the platform of choice for African Tax Research that aims to facilitate African capacity for credible research in tax policy, administration, law and leadership, with the goal of meeting the need for identifying potential synergies and linkage between academics and tax officials.

Digital Identity Summit 2019

September 9-11 2019

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Digital Identity Summit aims to bring together thought leaders from varied disciplines to explore the best practices for the commercial applications of digital identities. With world-class speakers, hands-on demonstrations and abundant networking opportunities, the event is a must for anyone looking to drive secure, profitable growth through digital channels.

MBA’s Risk Management, QA and Fraud Prevention Forum

September 15-17 2019

Los Angeles, California, USA

RMQA brings together risk management, quality control, underwriting and fraud prevention professionals responsible for securing the future of mortgage banking, hoping to tackle such topics as loan quality, fraud prevention strategies, measuring and tracking loan defect rates, managing vendors, minimizing loan risks, and more.

CASIU Fraud Forum (BMO Institute for Learning)

September 17 2019

Toronto, Canada

Having worked with Special Investigation Units of Insurance Companies, Police, specialized trades such as Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Cause and Origin Specialists, Engineers, the Insurance Bureau of Canada and many more, CASIU offers a forum and platform for learning and networking.

Global Fraud Prevention

September 23-24 2019

Miami, Florida, USA

Global Airlines, travel agents, OTA’s, card schemes, IATA strategic partners and service providers, police authorities and law enforcement agencies from across the world are gathered at the event, with the goal of sharing best practices and coordinating efforts on fraud prevention.

ACAMS 18th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference

September 23-25 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

With rapidly-evolving regulations, tech, and financial crime methods, anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime prevention professionals meet the challenge of staying abreast of new developments in financial crime. During the Conference, the financial crime prevention community has the chance to learn from subject-matter experts, connect with fellow professionals, and gain new insights and practical strategies to help their institutions combat financial crime.

2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia Pacific

September 25-27 2019


The ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific event is one of the most relevant in the field of fraud prevention, detection, and response content, while simultaneously being an excellent opportunity to form networks with other anti-fraud and corruption professionals, and exchange ideas.

London Fraud Forum

October 3 2019

London, UK

With Fraud a difficult topic to talk about, the forum was formed 12 years ago to promote change and forge an open anti-fraud culture in London. The forums goals include bettering flow of information, spreading honest discussion across all sectors, and working to deepen understanding of the myriad fraud issues, as well as fostering co-operation in dealing with such issues in the London area and beyond.

8th Annual Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Conference

October 8-10 2019

Kingston, Jamaica

Hosted by the Jamaica Bankers Association, the conference gathers Compliance Practitioners, Attorneys, Line Staff, Real Estate Experts, Gaming Industry Personnel, Accountants, Law Enforcement and Regulators, with the goal of keeping pace with the ever-evolving landscape of money-laundering, and the techniques and methods of countering the practice in many fields.

GCS Advisory Anti-Money Laundering / Compliance & Financial Crime Conference

October 10-11 2019

Cayman Islands

The two-day regional conference offers thought-provoking learning sessions and presentations on the latest issues facing financial services. Offering insight on a wide range of anti-money laundering, compliance and financial crime topics, the Conference provides the information needed to protect organizations, through case studies, presentations, and panel discussions.

2019 White Collar Crime Conference

October 10-11 201

West Jordan, Utah, USA

The Utah Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiner hosts the 2019 White Collar Crime Conference, with the tagline ‘Fraud Matters’. The presenters will range from Pink Collar Crime experts to leaders in Risk Assessment and Judges of the US District Court, all tackling the relevant issues of the industry, both locally and in broader scope.

NHCAA Anti-Fraud Expo

October 15-17 2019

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The essential event for the health care anti-fraud industry, NHCAA’s Anti-Fraud Expo has a reputation for connecting sponsors and exhibitors with visitors and health care anti-fraud professionals in business, industry and law enforcement. The Expo brings together some of the brightest in the industry to share their experience, knowledge and insights on how to solve challenges of health care fraud.

8th Asia Pacific Summit on Anti-Corruption Singapore

October 16-17 2019


The American Conference Institute’s Asia Summit on Anti-Corruption stands as one of the best networking and compliance benchmarking opportunities in the APAC Region. With senior government officials from Singapore and abroad, in-house executives and leading practitioners convening to discuss critical new developments and the best and latest practices for managing high stakes risk factors, participants will benefit from practical, industry-driven discussions on the most pressing issues affecting APAC operations.

Fraud Risk Management Summit

October 17 2019

New York City, New York, USA

The event brings together knowledgeable and accomplished individuals that are preparing for emerging anti-fraud trends, using analytics tools in their anti-fraud initiatives and applying best practices in their fraud risk management programs. Of course, the event is also an excellent networking opportunity, putting together peers from the anti-fraud industry.

2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Canada

October 20-23 2019

Montreal, Canada

Hosted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the Conference has a reputation for keeping in tune with the changes in the business of fraud prevention, bringing in experts from across varied fields to discuss and share ideas. The topics discussed at the conference are carefully chosen to be relevant to individuals in both the private and public sectors.

2019 International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference

October 21-23 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

The 13th outing of this annual educational event and networking tool, the Conference will feature a series of plenary and panel sessions, as well as a number of workshops. Special attention is given to one-on-one networking, where delegates can discuss operational matters, build partnerships and connect with representatives from law enforcement agencies and other organization.

Anti-Corruption France

October 22-23 2019

Paris, France

The Event presents a selected faculty of general counsel and heads of compliance, chief compliance officers, chief internal audit and compliance, corporate legal counsel, chief risk officers, their advisors and the relevant regulators and enforcers – all in the effort to resolve questions such as financial and accounting systems of control, the criminal liability of the compliance officer under specificities, and many more.

ACAMS 7th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference – Canada

October 23-24 2019

Toronto, Canada

As illegal activity increasingly relies on tools such as the Dark Web and Cryptocurrencies, and the AML oversight is transformed by innovations like AI and data analytics, compliance specialists must acquire new skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Anti-financial crime and AML experts from both private and public sectors come together to examine Canadian-specific compliance challenges, and share expert insights on meeting regulatory expectations and serving institutional interest in a time where change is the only constant.

Nordic Fraud Conference

October 29 2019

Oslo, Norway

New methods of payment and the ongoing shift to open banking are creating new competitors for banks and financial institutions. Requirements such as the PSD2 regulations are changing the game in the financial sector. The Nordic Fraud Conference provides the opportunity to meet with industry experts from the financial sector and from EVRY, with the hope of fostering a meeting space for mutual inspiration, knowledge exchange and increased awareness around fraud prevention.

ABC Minds International – The Anti-Bribery & Corruption Conference

November 5-6 2019

London, UK

With changing times, and new technologies like machine learning, options for cyber-fraud, and the problem of working in new and different jurisdictions, there’s a need for a forum to gather experts and leaders in the field. With speakers from both industry and government, and topics ranging from the abovementioned novelties to more traditional managing and monitoring issues, ABC Minds’ conference makes an effort to provide solutions to ever-changing problems.

Global Anti-Corruption & Compliance Forum

November 7 2019

Berlin, Germany

The Event brings together top senior compliance and ethics professionals globally from varied industries and companies to share experiences and challenges, and to collaborate and discuss new ideas. With interactive presentations, panel discussions, a networking dinner, speed dating and a hackathon session, the forum aims to tackle the issues from every angle.

Law Enforcement and Government Anti-Fraud Summit

November 7 2019

Washington DC, USA

The 2019 ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Anti-Fraud Summit, hosted by the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Alliance, aims to deliver the latest insight, new techniques and cutting-edge tools meant to address anti-fraud challenges specific to law enforcement and government agencies. Also ever-present is an opportunity to forge and renew alliances with contacts and peers that share similar challenges and goals.

CRCA Conference

November 7-8 2019

St. Lucia

CRCA Conference 2019 will gather industry experts, seasoned compliance professionals and best-in-class speakers to examine what’s new and what’s relevant in the sector. Questions such as outsourcing, risk assessment, corruption and corporate social responsibility will be tackled by experienced speakers, all the while providing exceptional networking opportunities.

GCC Forensics Conference & Exhibition

November 13-14 2019


The third iteration of the GCC Forensics Conference & Exhibition moves to Bahrain from Abu Dhabi, presenting the opportunity to meet with key security & forensics companies, showcasing the latest and most innovative technologies in the sector. Over the course of two days, the conference allows meeting of industry leaders and technical experts, and is a great opportunity for international scientists, law enforcement, and suppliers.

Anti-Corruption Spain

November 13-14 2019

Madrid, Spain

The 7th Annual Anti-Corruption Conference in Spain will bring a selection of senior-level legal and compliance experts from top companies in both regulated and un-regulated sectors, senior government officials from the judiciary and prosecutions offices, as well as private practice lawyers to share how they respond to issues, evaluate programme components, and monitor internal controls. The even is tailored to the needs of multinational companies and subsidiaries of foreign firms operating in and from Spain.

The Clearing House + Bank Policy Institute Annual Conference

November 19-21 2019

New York City, New York, USA

The conference, primarily focused on the changing regulatory landscape and the future of payments, brings together senior financial services executives, regulators, policymakers, and academics to address the challenges and opportunities for the industry, all through discussion.

Fraud & Breach Summit: Washington DC

December 3 2019

Washington DC, USA

Part of the Global Summit Series taking place across four continents, the Summit focuses on global security topics such as fraud and breach prevention, as well as many key industry verticals such as finance, government, retail, energy and healthcare. The event offers the opportunity to learn from industry influencers, meet with leading tech providers, and be a part of a growing community that now numbers in the hundred thousands.

International Security Expo 2019

December 3-4 2019

London, UK

The International Security Expo is the flagship event for bringing Government, Industry, Academia, as well as the entire end-user community in charge of regulation & procurement to the same table to debate actions taken in response to current challenges and to source the latest in security technologies and services.

ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference

December 8-10 2019

Washington DC, USA

Two powerhouse organizations at the forefront of dealing with financial crimes – the American Bankers Association and the American Bar Association – partner to deliver the premier educational event, reputed for its quality as a resource for insights, expertise and tactics meant to protect banks. It’s the only event focused only on Bank issues, providing both the banker and the legal perspective.