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Dutch take a Stake in Brazil’s Port Privatization

The Netherlands seeks longterm co-operation with Brazilian entities to “stimulate prosperity” in the port sector
July 22, 2019
July 23, 2019

June 19th 2019, Rio de Janeiro; The following is a statement by the Dutch Consul-General with the Federation of Brazil, Roland Martin. It was made after the Port Privatization Forum in Rio de Janeiro:

“Over the past years, several Brazilian initiatives have been launched to privatize public assets, and Dutch enterprises are already active in the sector. In Espírito Santo for instance, Port of Rotterdam intends to build a greenfield port - Porto Central. In the north of Brazil, Port of Rotterdam has taken a stake of 30 per cent in the Pecém Port and will continue to offer support towards strategic development and sustainable management.
The current Brazilian government wants to move ahead with privatization. As Minister of Infrastructure Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas stated: ‘Everything that could be taken care of more efficiently by the private sector, will be auctioned’. This creates new business opportunities. Future rounds of port auctions could certainly be of interest to Dutch enterprises.
The Netherlands looks forward to co-operate with Brazilian entities. In the Netherlands, we believe in long-term collaboration with mutual benefits and I think such collaboration will be fruitful for both our countries. Let’s make use of that, just like we did at the Port Privatization Forum Rio, and work together to stimulate the prosperity of the Brazilian port sector.”

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Currently, public confidence in the privatization process is mixed at best. This official statement by a government with one of the largest shipping sectors in the world (The Netherlands) will greatly improve public confidence in the process and expedite development.

This quote was recorded by the Adrianople Group. AG is a US-based private intelligence firm focused on privatization, economic zones, and infrastructure.


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