Adrianople Group uses Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to craft detailed business research reports to uncover key facts and information

In matters of geopolitics and global trade, businesses rely on accurate streams of information in order to shape their decision-making. The pervasive use of the internet, in addition to altering the landscape of human interaction, offers immediate access to vast amounts of relevant information.

What to scrape and what to discard?

Adrianople Group is experienced in “good data” retrieval, and will bring you the best actionable intelligence available from public sources. As such, OSINT forms the cornerstone of Adrianople’s information gathering capabilities, and is incorporated into all of our services.

Open Source Intelligence uses data from publicly available sources, such as internet DNS history, news reports, academic journals, social media, government/NGO databases, and other sources to discover relevant buildable information. This often relies on the use of sophisticated tools, techniques and specifically designed algorithms.

OSINT is capable of uncovering nearly everything which leaves a digital trace. We offer your company specifically developed OSINT tools to  obtain nearly any conceivable data.

Examples: OSINT used to obtain the following data about a SEZ:

  • List of companies operating in the zone
  • Amount of annual investment and production
  • Number of jobs created
  • Confirm or refute self reported data
  • List of investors who have invested in a zone

What is the true cost of bad data?  

Estimates run as high as 25% of a company’s revenue.  

Don’t put your trust in companies that do the bare minimum. Put your trust in a specialized company that will do the homework.

Put your trust in the Adrianople Group.

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