Guillermo Hernandez
Project Manager

Guillermo heads Adrianople's Latin America research division. He is a Venezuelan who was forced from home as a result of the ongoing political turmoil there. Additionally, he is a web developer at the Startup Societies Foundation.

Latest Posts

Adrianople Group estará hospedando el evento virtual “El Panorama del Desarrollo Latinoamericano” el próximo viernes 2 de Octubre, a las 11 AM EST / 10 AM Hora de Bogotá. Estaremos explorando las dinámicas cambiantes del crecimiento en la región latinoamericana.

The Adrianople Group will be hosting The Latin American Development Landscape Conference on Friday, October 2nd, at 11 am EDT. We will explore the changing growth dynamics in Latin America.

Geoeconomics Podcast EP10: The future of SEZs in the Iberoamerican Region

Fort Galt is a new real estate development that intends to begin with its first location in Chile before replicating itself worldwide.

GRID91 is an India-based risk consulting startup, helping businesses in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka manage complex risks through a line of bespoke solutions.

We visited the COAF smartcenter in Lori province, Armenia, where hundreds of children are receiving a quality education.